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Why Restoration of Heritage Buildings Is Necessary?

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Historic buildings are reminders of the past activities of earlier generations and often give an idea of art, culture as well as the economic conditions of a particular city. They need to be maintained so that the legacy is passed through generations giving an idea of socio-economic conditions of that era. Do you wonder why the restoration of heritage buildings is necessary? By safeguarding these buildings, we also pass the legacy of culture to the future generations. There are many benefits of restoring them.

The Necessity

Buildings become heritage buildings after going through specific assessment criteria as per the state laws. Restoration of heritage buildings helps us to connect the past, present and the future generations.  To the architectures, the design and structure are vital to know the concept of making the historic buildings. To a historian, it may reflect some facts to study. To an economist, it is one of the sources of knowing the past economy of a region.  To the scientists, it gives an idea of how to save energy as most of the heritage buildings green buildings. Restoration of heritage buildings is necessary to hold on to the legacy for the future generations to see and understand where they come from.

There are many benefits of going for the restoration of heritage buildings.

The Benefits

Many may argue that the restoration of heritage buildings is a waste of money and time. However, this is incorrect as it can be a source of income too.

heritage restoration

  • Restoring heritage buildings attracts tourists and promotes not only the tourism sector but also the economic condition of the area in and around it. Tourists come to see these buildings to enjoy the place and have knowledge of the art and culture of the yesteryears. Thus as tourism is promoted, the local economy is improved too. Many souvenir shops open up in and around the heritage buildings. The hotels come up giving employment to many people or some big or small malls come up centering the heritage area.
  • While many studies have interpreted the restoration of heritage buildings, it increases the property value in and around it. Investing in properties near the heritage buildings give better returns in the future.
  • The heritage building serves as an open book of history to the people, and you can relate to the facts of the past times giving you a feeling of being in a virtual time machine.
  • Restoration of heritage buildings creates less waste than demolition and constructing a new building in its place. It also encourages the neighboring areas to be in tune with the structure and avoid the urban sprawls and increased infrastructure costs.
  • As the area in and around the heritage & historical building develop owing to the growth of industry and an increase in tourism, the collection of tax also increases due to the increase in economic activities. In other words, we can say that heritage buildings work as an economic catalyst that improves the life of the people in its vicinity.
  • Restoration of heritage buildings needs a workforce like labors, engineers as well as architects and historians. So, a chain of people gets employment if the repair is carried out.

It does not take much time to destroy a heritage building, but with that, the cultural heritage of the country and the society as a whole also get damaged. Rome was not built in a day, but the Roman cultures and traditions, as well as the socio-economic conditions of that time, can be deciphered from the heritage buildings. Going for the restoration of heritage buildings is necessary.


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