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Why Do Load Testing on Your Website?

One of the most important factors for the success of an online business is the speed of the website. If for some reason the site is slow, a good percentage of users will not continue browsing and the negative impact on the business will be enormous.

When creating a website, it is quite simple to test whether it is fast or not. Simply access Google PageSpeed ​​Insights and analyze page load time. However, when the site is in production the speed ratio is not so simple and you may need the help of a good web development company. What if 10 people come in at the same time? What if 1000 people want to access the same page within 1 minute?

This is exactly where the discussion topic of this article comes in. Load tests – is the test that is performed to simulate the use of the website by an X number of people in a certain time interval. This makes it possible for us to prevent and find faults in the code to be improved and bring a positive and quick experience for all users. 

What is a load test?

Load testing is one of the most well-known performance tests for any website or web / mobile application. The main purpose of this test is to stress an application’s servers to understand how it performs when it comes in contact with large traffic – preferably by simulating the actions that a normal user performs.

Of course, the goal here is to understand the limitations and identify possible problems, changes and improvements in the code. The trickiest part of managing a digital project is to be taken by surprise. But if we know that the site slows down after 100 users, for example, per second, we can already plan structures that scale the server’s capabilities in advance. In general, what happens in the tests is that until a certain number of users taking actions (such as logging in, making a purchase, etc.) the site performs at its maximum loading speed. Let’s assume that this speed is 2 seconds for the page to load.

From that number of base users, each new user the greater is the time he will wait. Assuming that the number of users with maximum speed is 100 users per minute. If at some peak time the site receives 150 users per minute, the average time of loading will be about 4 seconds. Rising to 200 users, about 7 seconds. And then there will come a time when the server will probably no longer return a successful call and no more users will be able to use the application.

Depending on the average value generated by each user on the site and considering the rate that users do not give continuity in the site per second expected, there will come a time that it will be worth increasing the infrastructure and ensuring that all users have the best loading time possible. This calculation is not always simple, but using load testing it is possible not only to understand all this but to create the prevention structures.

Positive impacts on your business

If you have an online business or are a developer looking to understand whether or not it is worthwhile to implement a load test system, that is what we are going to talk about now. Ultimately, what will really determine whether implementing such a system is worth the return on investment. The famous ROI (Return of investment). The value of deploying load tests along with the adaptation value of the server to scale should lead to increased engagement, sales, or any strategy related to websites.

We can then divide costs into three areas. Tools, development and infrastructure. That is, which software are chosen to aid in the process, who will develop and implement everything and the machines necessary to perform the tests and, later, have the scale systems in place. The benefits, on the other hand, are more direct. What is not lacking in the internet are articles and documents explaining that differences in milliseconds already cause giant impacts on the performance of e-commerce and other types of websites. With this you can understand from how many users it will be worth investing in the load test.


Being present and attentive to the load tests will surely help us to optimize the performance of our websites. ROI calculations can be a bit tricky, but we do need to use load tests when thinking about growing and expanding online business. The more accustomed to high internet speeds and processing, the lower the tolerance of users for slow sites. Also, it is very likely that if you do not pay attention to visual identity creation, your competitor may already be preventing you and the user always has options, so it is highly recommended to consult a web design Dubai agency in order to make your visual identity strong and compatible enough.


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