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What is it like to live in Keith?

An enjoyable enough place since centrally placed between Aberdeen & Inverness with good road and rail links to both plus Keith itself has Railway station in the prettiest part of Scotland for a railway station to be located and it is very easy to walk from the town centre to this part of the town.

Why is Keith a Forest place in the UK?

This area is full of houses which have big forrests so if you love wild life and general nature this would be a right place for you to live. Horse riding is quite common in this area as well so if you own horses you can do this sport at your leisure.

History of this place is significant part of it since such a Jacobite Castle part of it does still exist which is something you must see since the stone castle design is very well designed on the time before builders often got very lazy when compared to how hard it was to build older builders than now when you can easy buy a premade house which you just attach shrews and a door and windows you did more less .


Chivas Regal Whiskey is a trendy drink which is sold around the world, and in the area of actual Moray it is probably the most significant marker of whiskey personally I don’t like the drink, but many other people do.

Deli is very popular with local people, and people who live in other areas since the quality of the food and drinks is very high and unique you also in this building have most bakery in the whole of Scotland so if you say lived in Glasgow, and you missed your local bakery it’s highly likely they would sell what you want here. They do a good range of sandwiches which includes

Chicken Tikka
Honey Chicken
BBQ Chicken
Chilly Chicken
New Tikka
Streak pies
Lettuce in sandwiches

Fancy cheeps on Jessiman street which instead of them saying baba they say mama and they are world famous sheep so cost a lot of money the person who owns them has 5 of them the fur can sell for big money.

The town is circle means if you ever go the wrong way you will end up in the right direction by the place being full circle cheap for how you walk around this place.



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