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Ways to Help Customers Find Your Building

advertising air dancers

Helping new and potential customers find your physical location is essential for business. Here are some ways you can help them find their way to you.


If you do nothing else, update your Google My Business account. This is how you edit the results your business gets in a Google Maps search. Around 80 percent of consumers now use an online search to find local businesses. This means the majority of your new clientele may never even visit your website or social media page, but they will find you on Google Maps.

Managing your profile is free and easy. From there you can add photos of the building and parking areas which can be greatly beneficial for those trying to navigate their way to you. You can also put your hours, phone number, and website in the results so someone who gets lost can contact you. If you have a website or social media page these are other great avenues to give relevant instructions. Most consumers will visit your digital locations before they enter your store, so having a quick video, post, or notice on the page giving detailed directions is very helpful.


Depending on your lease agreement, you can either place permanent or temporary indicators at your physical location. If you are allowed to put up signs, banners, or paint the side of the building, go for it. If your contract is temporary and you are limited to the signage you can use, ask about employing temporary attention-getting devices like advertising air dancers, feather flags, yard signs, etc.

If you are not allowed to put anything on the outside of the building, ask about putting up identifiers inside. If your building has a directory make sure your business’s name and logo are on it. If you are allowed to place a small sign or placard in the lobby on heavy traffic or special event days, take advantage of that and do so.


Sometimes signs are not enough, especially if people have driven past it a million times, or they are flustered and rushed. That is when you can use unique markers that no other business nearby does. Air dancers, statues, and colors are some examples. A client looking for a hot pink building, an 18 foot tall tube man, or a statue of a gorilla is far more likely to find you than looking for a generic location they’ve never been to before.

Besides the air dancers and other flags near your location, ask your city about placing road signs near the highway. You could also rent a billboard and include directions in the design. Hopefully by using these tips you will get customers to your store and through the door.


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