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Virtual offices: A new Outlook on Offices

The new technological age of today means that in the 21st century, offices and old norms are getting outdated. Not to take away from the fact that it is still considered absolutely necessary for companies to have office buildings in order to operate their businesses and conduct meetings. However, the new age crowd that is all about stepping away from old societal constructs, conventional office spaces are reminiscent of that old thinking.

The utility of having an office space has dropped over time. For the start-ups of the 21st century, a virtual office is a novel solution that helps keep their business official. It is easier to work from home rather than commute and waste valuable time. This means that most of the work is done from home via a personal computer and does not really involve human interaction or even information exchange in person. This is a hallmark of any new start-up and business that are functioning online.

Start-ups today have access to a new type of office, something called a virtual office. This came idea came about to building owners and leasing agencies when the demand for a temporary space, required for official purposes and usage for a few times a month kept increasing. Thus the idea was born to offer addresses to companies for official purposes and also providing a space from time to time.

Virtual offices are beneficial to start-ups as they can impress their business partners and clientele with an address in a prime central region of the city. For a country such as India which is full of start-ups and especially cities like Delhi and Bangalore which are one of the global leaders in the sheer number of start-ups around. One can find spaces in and around the city, virtual office space in Sohna road Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad and Noida are all very frequently asked for.

There are many advantages to having a virtual office such as having a virtual assistant or a person who is working with the start-up on behalf of the leasing company and doesn’t have to meet clients face to face. Remote receptionists also come along with a team of workers in an office environment using high tech computer telephony integration software, to replace traditional receptionists. Virtual offices provide a mailing address which can be used to correspond to mail without the connotations of a traditional P/O box. This helps users expand into new emerging markets in order to give a professional presence. The most important feature of a virtual office is the access to an address in a prime locale, this helps to keep a good image in front of clients and partners. The on-demand usage of conference rooms and offices for meetings means that at times the services need to actually provide a utilitarian space; these are easily available at a very short notice.

A virtual office in Sohna road Gurgaon and many other places and their usage signals a new era of workforce and companies, one that does not follow the general trends and likes to do things their own ways.


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