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How to Apply for USA Visit Visa from anywhere in the World?

USA visit visa


Applying for a visit, or business visa is simplified for the last couple of years. Still, the application procedure is filled with diplomatic hurdles with ever-soaring sanctions on visitors to the US after the new US Administration. Visitor visas are awarded to the people traveling to the United States for business purposes, medical treatment, or for vacations or sightseeing, recreational purposes. All in all, the visit visa to the US also include medical treatment, research and scientific purpose, education, and professional or business conferences, or any other related business activity within a short time period. Tourism is also included in the B-1 and B-2 USA visit visa category.

For the application of B-1 and B-2 USA visit visa category; you need to fill in the specific electronic type form or application from the related counselor office from the provincial counselor office or from US embassy in Islamabad. ­to apply for US visit visa, you must be eligible according to the US Immigration and Nationality Act section 214(b). to apply for the US visit Visa, there are few obligations that must be fulfilled for the interview. There must be certain conditions and documentation that must be met before becoming eligible for the interview and acceptance of your visa.

You must assure the penal that your visit is temporary along with the purpose of visit to the United States. the assurance of your stay in the US is provided by the credible source in one way or other. You must provide details of your assets and usage of money during the stay. You must assure that you will cover your expenditures during your stay in the US. it must be guaranteed by the applicant that his/her presence in the US will be supported by relatives/family or other social or economic relations that will ensure your return to the country of residence.

Documents and Eligibility

To apply for USA visit visa, there must be complete documents to be submitted to the consulate general or Embassy. The first requirement is Nonimmigrant visa application form. It is available in electronic form as DS-160 document. Fulfillment of DS-160 is compulsory to initiate the process of visa. Secondly, there must be a ready passport to be submitted to the embassy that marks the date 6 months before your intended date of visit to the US. after that, attach your photographs to the application form in electronic form within the required photo format. A visa processing fee amounting around $160 must be paid to complete the process of USA visit visa application. The fee must be paid in local currency, here equivalent to Pakistani Rupees. After the processing, you will obtain a visa interview appointment letter. You will be asked to carry the essential documents on your visit to the embassy. In the application form, you must present previous 10-year travel history and also the list of your siblings, wife and children data is applicable. The secondary documents vary on your purpose of visit i.e. for students, patients, businesspersons, or travelers/tourists.



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