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Top 5 books by Spanish authors that are a must read

Spain is a country with rich cultural heritage. Along with the country’s art and music, its literature has been an influential part in taking forward the country’s legacy. From changing the course of history, to revolutionizing the present day thought, books have made an impact like no other.

Here are the top 5 books by Spanish authors you should read:

Time of Silence by Luis Martin Santos

Santos was a Spanish psychiatrist and writer. The novel Time of Silence was his claim to fame. Placed among the 20th century’s greatest Spanish novels, the book uses many literary devices, like interior monologues and stream of consciousness. These devices tell the story of a doctor who is accused of killing a woman, who he was trying to help. With sex and death forming the basis of the story, it was considered racy in 1962. Ending up censored, it was not released until 20 years later.


Encrucijadas árabes by Gustavo de Aristegui

Chaos, instability and injustice in North Africa is what ‘Arab Crossroads’ covers. According to author Gustavo Aristegui, the solution to end all of this is democratic institutionalization of these countries. With the radical Islamic world waiting for the North African governments to fail, they are preparing to take over and inject their dictatorships. Aristegui gives a strategic, political, social, and economic viewpoint to his readers on the scenario.


The Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolano

The novel that brought to light Roberto Bolano’s international reputation, it tells the story of two modern-day Quixotes. The last survivors of an underground literary movement, which is literature itself. The premise offered by the writer is a tragicomic in a darkening universe. The Savage Detectives is certainly one of the most exuberant, ambitious and inventive novels.


Santa Evita by Tomas Eloy Martinez

Eva Peron, the protagonist of the story started her career as a B-movie actress. Thereafter, she won the love of a dictator and the reverence of a nation, and in death, she was considered a saint. A work of fiction by Eloy Martinez, he has given his readers a story that is tragic, funny, erotic and provocative at the same time.


La Yihad en España by Gustavo de Aristegui

Al-Andalus or Islamic Iberia was medieval Muslim territory that covered much of modern day Spain and Portugal. The re-conquest of Spain is a project being run by the radical Islamists who want to take it back through bloodshed and terror. The book’s name, which translates to Jihad in Spain, discusses the origin, cause and consequences of radical Islamism in Spain. Gustavo Aristegui highlights the solutions to these problems by fighting them by staying within the legal framework.


With these and many more books from various Spanish authors, readers can pick out numerous gems. The unique way of storytelling sets apart these writers from the rest of the world.


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