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Top 10 Health Tips for 2018



New Year celebration is over and you may have made few resolutions this year too. You are not the only one in this blue planet who makes resolutions every year, many of them had plans but how many of them work on their resolutions?

Making resolutions is good but it will be great if you will work on them seriously. We usually make plans but rarely do we take actions to make those plans successful.

Have you made your New Year health resolutions for 2018?

Not yet?

No worries, we are here and with the help of this post about top 10 health tips for 2018 you can easily make your New Year health resolutions.

“Without good health and peaceful mind your life is not life; it is something like a state of inactivity and drowsiness – it’s like an image of death.” Buddha.

Let’s have a look at those ten tips to keep your body and mind healthy this year.

1.Give yourself time

Before making any plans make sure you have enough time to work on them. “I don’t have time, am quite busy in making dollars” you will say. Yeah, I know you don’t have time and many of us don’t have time for ourselves.

Don’t risk your life for making money; you can’t buy good health in any supermarket. Nothing in this world is permanent, neither your money. Stay alive to utilize your money you have earned with all of your hard work.

I am not asking you to spend hours in doing weightlifting or running, clearly, there is no need for doing this. Give at least 30 minutes to yourself every day, that’s it.

2.Eating Habits



Many of us have worst eating habits and it is surely going to cost our health. You should follow few eating habits to keep yourself healthy and few of them are featured here. One can easily order healthy foods online from top UK brands and have them shipped by using a UK based parcel forwarding service.

#Schedule your meals – You must schedule your meals as well as ensure the right quantity and quality of your meals. Forget scheduling your meals, just follow this rule, ‘take breakfast like a king, and eat lunch like a prince and take dinner like a beggar’.

#Eat Slowly – If you don’t want to increase belly fat then eat slowly. You may think about the relation between gaining weight and this eating habit.

Simply our brain needs at least 15-20 minutes in realizing that the stomach is full. Take smaller bites and chew them well. If you will don’t do this there are higher chances of getting overeaten resulting in bad digestion.

#Include snacks in daily diet – The best way to avoid overeating is to add light snacks between your main meals. Consuming light snacks makes you feel fuller and inhibits the chances of overeating.

#Never Skip Meals – Whenever you skip even a single meal it makes you feel more starved and increases the chances of consuming more food at your next meal.

#Eat light – Eating light here stands for eating less, it means to consume food having the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and essential nutrients.

#Don’t go fuller – Stop eating when you get 80% full, doing this will help your stomach in extracting digestive enzymes properly resulting in better digestion.

3.Increase Physical Activity 

Our body is not made for sitting 8 or 10 hours continuously. But quitting your job for maintaining good health will not be a great idea, right? Then what can you do to keep yourself healthy while doing your daily tasks?

Take at least a 5-minute break after every one or two hours of sitting. This will help your body in circulating blood in a proper way as well as it will reduce the risk of health diseases caused by decreased physical activities.

Make a workout routine of 30 minutes daily to increase physical activity. If you don’t like to jog in the cold, stay at home and do some at-home workouts. Don’t kill time on watching TV or surfing internet after having your meals, it increases laziness in the body.

4.Take Break



Go to a new place every month, if you don’t have enough money to fly over the oceans no worries, you can find wonderful destinations around your city to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Life is really short, live it or regret later.

Doing this will charge you with positivity and will also increase your productivity. Trust me it works and doing this will keep you charged throughout the month.

Give yourself a break from the city rush, traffic jams, vehicle’s smoke and work pressure. Feed your lungs with fresh air and heel your mind by wandering to the woods or roaming at the edge of your city.


You will not believe but yoga and meditation can do magic. Yoga was originated thousands of years ago in India but these days it is practiced from Manhattan to Tokyo and Brazil to UAE.

Just 20 minutes of Yoga and meditation can make a huge difference in your health status. Practicing Yoga will be surely beneficial for your mental as well as physical health. Why you must include Yoga and meditation in your daily life and the reasons are mentioned below.

#Treats Body Pains – Various poses and practices of Yoga can cure almost every kind of body pain. Lower back pain is a common health problem among the 9 to 5 job staffs. This happens due to inactiveness of the body muscles and joints.

Yoga is a kind of stretching exercise which improves the flexibility of our body. There are many poses of Yoga and can help you in getting relief from almost every kind of body pain. Practicing Yoga can reduce the risks of health diseases caused by the inactiveness of our body muscles.

#Reduces the Risks of Arthritis – Practicing Yoga increases your body’s flexibility results in good bone and joints health. Yoga has been proved very helpful for the Arthritis patients. It’s easy and slow-paced movements benefit our body’s bones, joints, and muscles.

#Great for Heart – Stress is directly linked to your heart’s health and Yoga/meditation reduces stress on the body. Practicing Yoga and meditation regularly reduces stress, improves blood circulation and can help your heart relax.

#Better Digestion – Yoga and meditation increases body awareness. Thus if you thinking to start workouts every early morning from the past 3 months then do Yoga, it increases our desires to take care of our body and this will surely help you in doing workouts daily.

When you do workouts and sweat you began to consume the appropriate amount of water, this helps in better digestion. Yoga and meditation also help your digestive system in flushing out the toxins from your body.

#Helps in a Migraine – The pain of a Migraine is really unbearable and our busy lifestyle can increase the risks of a Migraine. Yoga reduces tension from the muscles and also relaxes them.

Due to all day work behind the computer can increase the chances of misalignment of neck and shoulder muscles. This may result in body pain, headache and Migraine too. With practicing few poses of Yoga especially created for relaxing neck, shoulder muscles and spines can reduce the risk of a Migraine.

#Boost Mood – Are you dealing with stress, anxiety or depression?

Don’t worry it’s not the end of the world, do yoga and meditation to fight your stress and depression.

Doing Yoga and meditation helps our body in producing love hormone ‘oxytocin’ and happy hormone ‘serotonin’. These hormones combat stress, depression and prevent mood swings at the same time.

#Best for Mental Health – Yoga is a combination of stretching exercise and great breathing techniques. It helps our brain in better functioning and makes it sharp and clear. If you are suffering from any kind of mental health, Yoga and meditation will help you in healing your mind resulting in lower risks to mental health.

6.Beverages means only alcohol or energy drinks? A big No.



Our body is not made for alcohol consumption no matter if you drink a glass per day or more than that. Consuming alcohol may provide you mental pleasure but it harms every single organ of your body. With regular consumption of alcohol, our body gets addicted to it and it becomes very difficult for us to avoid alcohol.

Energy drinks are also harmful to our body. You won’t believe but a person with heart disease can have a cardiac arrest just after consuming few energy drinks.

Energy drinks have higher sugar level, added flavors, supplements, caffeine, and niacin. All these components can cause many serious health problems including inflammation, heart diseases, anxiety, stress, insomnia, damaged nervous system, worse digestion etc.

Instead of drinking alcohol and energy drinks, start your day with a glass of lukewarm water with few herbs or lemon. It will refresh you for the whole day and will also boost metabolism.

7.Eat more Green



Greens are one of the most nutrients packed affordable eatables. But how many times you have greens on your plate, just one or twice a week? Why?

They are not mouth watering like fried chickens and smoked ribs, right?

Greens can be mouthwatering if cooked well and here are few health benefits of eating greens will encourage you to add more veggies to your plate.

#Vegetables are overloaded with essential nutrients such as folic acids, dietary fiber, Vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants and the list goes on.

#Ideal for weight loss goals

#Reduces the risks of heart diseases

#Reduces the risks of Caner

#Helps body in combating Diabetes

#Improves bone health by increasing bone density

#Dietary fiber helps in better digestion

#Reduces the muscle degradation rate over aging

8.Regular Health Checkups

You should go for health checkups once or twice a year. Prevention is better than cure and regular health checkups make it possible to diagnose many health problems at its early stage.

As for example if you have got cancer and it was diagnosed at the last stage, then waiting for your last breath will be the only option. Health checkup once a year will not cost you more and I think you can manage to go for a health checkup once a year.

9.Quit Smoking



Tobacco has not a single substance in it which may be good for your health. The acetone, nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide present in tobacco is harmful to every part of your body.

Smoking leads to various immediate and over time complications in our body. With smoking you are just spending money on tobacco products to harm your body, that’s it.

Hey buddy, you must quit smoking and the reasons for doing this are as follows:

#Nicotine found in tobacco make you feel energized instantly but leave you with tiredness and heaviness after the effect wears off.

#Smoking damage your lungs 200 percent

#Smoking is worse for your heart, it tighten blood vessels, increases blood pressure and also increases blood clots

#Causes hair loss, nails infections, and skin cancer

#Smoking results in a bad digestive health and causes mouth and pancreatic cancer

#Reduces your power of intimacy

#There are more health problems caused by smoking other than this list, so you should work on quitting smoking. It will not easy but isn’t impossible my friend.

10.Be Optimistic



We are enough busy in doing our daily works and don’t give time to our family and friends. You are going to take your million dollars with yourself after your death. Live your life and be optimistic.

Depression and stress is a silent killer which begins to reduce days of our life. If you are not optimistic it will be difficult for you to laugh and if you can’t laugh, you cannot make someone laugh. Everything will be okay and if something is not okay, you have the power to make it good.


Be happy and believe in yourself.

Optimistic people live longer, yeah it’s true. Be optimistic and live longer.

Final Note:

You have made plans, yeah I know they are great but without actions your plans are meaningless. If you are going to built plans for getting better physic and health, make sure to convert them into actions.

Nobody will do this for you and nobody is able to that. It’s your body and you have to take great care of it. I have listed these 10 tips for better health in 2018 and it’s your turn to suggest more.

Your feedback is valuable for us.


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