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Top 20 Tips to Extend iPhone Battery Life

Top 20 Tips to Extend iPhone Battery Life


Top 20 Tips to Extend iPhone Battery Life

If you are an iPhone user then you might be feeling lucky thinking that you are holding one of the best gadgets in the world. You are playing games on it, downloading your favourite apps, listening top chart songs, making calls to your grandmother wishing her birthday or using facebook to tag your friends in an adventures trip, all these useful life beauties come with a price and that is your mobile phone battery life.

There is no doubt that iPhone is one of the most cherished technologies in the world but once if it runs out of battery then it is nothing more than a piece of glass and metal. And you might be thinking to recycle it.

If you are an intense iPhone user than you must be charging your iPhone every single day.

With the launch of its new models like iPhone 8 and iPhone X, Apple has made few big steps forward with iPhone’s battery performance.

In this article, we are covering some tips for you that will help your iPhone battery running all day long.

If battery timing is annoyance for you or you are sick of running out of juice every night, follow these steps to extend your iPhone’s battery life. You don’t need to follow all of these steps, just use or follow the ones that suit your iPhone condition. These tips are compatible for almost every software of iOS.

Please keep in mind, if these tips don’t work out for you then there might be some issue with your hardware. Do the needful about your hardware issues by visiting mobile phone repair shop and after repairing, try out these tips.

20 Tips to Extend iPhone Battery Life

  1. DON’T quit apps in your iPhone

Well, you must be thinking what the reason behind this logic is. Many iPhone users tend to quit apps by double pressing the Home-Button and swipe up the apps they don’t want to use. According to those users, this will help increase in battery time but folks it is all MYTH. Many experts believe that quitting apps is not a good idea to save battery life. Scotty Loveless an Apple Store Genius explains this point that when you quit an app and open it again, it will drain your mobile phone’s RAM as it has to load it back into RAM’s memory. “All of that loading and unloading puts more stress on your device than just leaving it alone,” he explains.

  1. Low Power Mode… Turn it ON.

In your iPhone, there is an excellent feature called Low Power Mode which helps in reduce overall power requirements of your mobile phone. As per Apple claims, this feature allows you to gain extra hours of battery life. So turn it ON.

  1. Update your iOS

If you are facing battery life problem on a regular basis then do check for your iOS version. If there is new iOS version available, update it. Apple updates its iOS version regularly to fix bugs, vulnerabilities and glitches including battery problem as well.

  1. Check if battery needs to be Repaired or Replaced

As it is a fact that mobile phone batteries don’t last forever so do check whether your iPhone battery required a replacement or repairing. If you are facing any of these conditions then visit mobile phone shop and have your iPhone repair done.

  1. Check phone’s battery usage

To check your battery usage, follow these steps, go to Settings > General > Battery and wait for your Battery Usage report to load up on your mobile phone screen. Through this you will be able to check your battery usage and standby time.
To test your battery condition, write down the usage and standby times. Then put your phone to sleep. After few minutes check the change in time. If usage time gone up, then it indicates that your phone battery is working fine.

  1. Uninstall the Unnecessary Apps

If there are apps in your phone that you are not using, then uninstall them at your earliest.  Because some of these apps like Facebook, is kind of a battery hog on the iPhone.

  1. Keep Brightness Down

It is to no surprise that your mobile phone screen is one of your iOS device main power drains. By adjusting your iPhone’s brightness you can surely save some battery life.

  1. Set up Auto-Lock

If you want to get maximum battery life of your iOS then it is recommended to set the Auto-Lock. You can set it up as low as 30-seconds.

  1. Use Wi-Fi

Try to use Wi-Fi, wherever possible. Always use 3G/4G service when there is no Wi-Fi or it has low signals. Tap Settings > Wi-Fi and make sure you set ‘Ask to Join Networks’ feature ON. And if you are not using internet, then turning off both Wi-Fi and 3G/4G services will be a wise decision to save your iPhone battery.

  1. Turn off Air Drop feature

Air Drop feature is a battery killer. Air drop lets you transfer photos, videos and other stuff to and from nearby iPhones. So unless or until it’s not needed, turn it off.

  1. Turn the Volume Low

Yes, you read it right. Volume setting does affect battery life of your smartphone. If you are playing music or listening to your favourite UK top ten, then it is suggested to keep the volume low. You can use headphones instead of iPhone’s internal speaker.

  1. Stop Vibration

Vibration gets your attention when there is a call or other alerts appear on your phone. It is needless to say that if you already have ringtone active then there is no need of vibration. Just use it where it is necessary.

  1. Avoid Battery Killer Apps

iPhone’s battery drains quicker the more you use your phone and there are number of apps which are responsible in draining of your mobile phone battery quickly like 3D games, Maps, Facebook and other apps. So avoid the battery killer apps as much as you can.

  1. Camera use should be Minimum

Avoid using your iPhone camera too much and if you are running low on battery, keep your camera usage to a minimum level. Avoid using flash light.

    15. Stop unnecessary Notifications

Yes, Notification settings in your iPhone might be worth a visit. Whenever a notification is received on your phone, it lights up the screen and plays a sound, all this process actually uses your phone’s energy. So it’s better to turn off the notifications which you do not want to appear on your screen.
Simply go to Settings > Notifications and scroll down to view the apps that are sending you notifications. Stop receiving of unwanted notifications.

  1. Turn off iCloud services

Correspondingly, if you want to make your battery life last longer, turn off iCloud services. Because iCloud uses a fair amount of data and services. Go to Settings > iCloud and turn off all the unnecessary things you do not really use and are synced with iCloud.

  1. If not in use, turn off Location services.

Turning ON, location service actually sucks your battery juice. There are plenty of apps that use location services and they play a significant role in draining your iPhone battery. So if this feature is not is use then it is highly recommended to turn it off.

  1. Disable App Updating Service

Apple added a new feature to its latest iOS versions that has ability to auto update the installed apps on your iPhone. Although it’s a useful feature but it can be a drain on your battery as well. Also in most cases, people tend to update the apps by themselves, so disabling this feature can help save your battery time.

  1. Calibrate

If all these tips doesn’t work out for you and you are still finding yourself running out of battery time then your iPhone needs a battery calibration. Apple recommends its users that drain iPhone’s battery totally and then charge the phone to its full level.

And this process should be repeated at least once a month. This procedure is called Calibration. It helps your iPhone to estimate its battery life accurately.

  1. Battery Pack might be an option

If you are an intensive mobile phone user and still need more battery time then you can consider of having an external battery pack. You can order one for yourself online or by visiting your local supermarket.





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