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Things to Know Before Taking your Car to the Mechanic

Although you aren’t good at understanding the nuts and bolts of a repair job, it’s still imperative to have enough knowhow to make an informed decision. Here’re a few things you should keep in mind before heading on to your mechanic. So let’s dive in;

Synthetic Oil Costs More

Are you heading for an oil change? The mechanic can offer you the option of using synthetic oil. They might tell you that it’s better for your car and you’ll get a lot more miles between oil changes. But they’ll never tell you is that synthetic oil is significantly more expensive than regular motor oil. If they don’t tell you that up front, you could end up getting an unwelcome surprise at the time of paying. Since you can’t back out once the job is done, you could end up paying more than you intended for your oil change.

Don’t tell the mechanic that they’re giving you a second opinion

In case you take a vehicle to a mechanic, and you got a diagnosis, you might want to see a mechanic for a second opinion. If this is something that you’re planning to do, you should not tell that second mechanic that they’re giving you a second opinion. In fact, you must also not tell them the price or the diagnosis that the previous mechanic gave you. Let the mechanic check out your vehicle on their own and come up with their diagnosis and price. You’ll then have enough information to make the best decision possible.

Coolant and Power Steering Flushes aren’t always necessary

When you go to a quick lube mechanic, they’ll offer you a variety of services that you likely don’t need. The most common amongst those is having a power steering fluid, and your coolant flushed. Most cars are designed to drive a 100k miles before these things need to be done. Also, cleaning your fuel injectors is a waste of money. There are plenty of additives available that provide the same results, and you can do it on your own.

Free Lifetime Mufflers

In case you’re having muffler problems, many mechanics offer free lifetime a muffler replacement. Since nothing on a car lasts forever, it sounds good. These mechanics will give you free replacements. However, you might end up paying a lot of money for expensive pipe repairs. Try not to read too much into lifetime mufflers when you see the advertisements.

Ask About the Tires Build Date

Just because a tire has been in the showroom and it’s not been driven on, doesn’t mean that it’s going to be safe. Many drivers think that they’re getting a great deal when in fact they’re getting an old tire. If the treads are three years old, the tire might not be safe to drive in the snow even if it’s never been driven on the road before. When you buy your tires, ask the mechanic for the tires build date. It’ll ensure that you’re getting a strong, dependable tire.

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