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Things to do Immediately after Buying a New Android Smartphone

So finally a brand new android phone is in your hands and you are no longer using second hand phones. You have waited so long for this brand new mobile phone. From playing games, making calls, using apps, taking selfies or to booking Uber, you are all in all of your mobile phone. It is quite possible that your hands would be shivering, anticipating that how good or bad will this smartphone work for you or maybe you were using Apple iPhone in the past and just shifted to Android world with this brand new phone.

Android Operating System is the most popular OS for smartphones in the world. Android’s share of the global mobile phone operating system market is 87.7%. (Source:

Congratulations, now you are also a part of this OS as the smartphone you holding in your palm is running on this OS and new smartphone is definitely worth celebration.

After getting hands to new android phone you must be thinking that what to do next? What should I see in this phone? How to set it up? And what steps should I follow to make the most of this new android smartphone?

In this post we are sharing some tips that you can do to make first hours easier and enjoyable. Setting up Android mobile phone is easy and very flexible. If you are not so much anxious to use your new phone right away you purchased it then we suggest to follow these guidelines.

These tips will really help you a lot in setting up your dream android phone which you are holding in your hands.

Check inside the box

After opening the box, place the mobile phone aside and check the box thoroughly to check what gadgets and accessories you have received with this beauty. Things like charging cable, earbuds, and warranty card would be placed in the box.

Check your Device Exhaustively

You are now owner of a new android smartphone and this extra ordinary device is in your hands. You can now do wonderful things through this phone which even science fiction authors didn’t see coming. So check your mobile phone from top to bottom.

Connect to Charger

After viewing your mobile phone, next step you should do is to connect it to a charger and charge it to full level. Because you will use your mobile phone another few hours so battery should be at top.

Simply put the battery into the phone, if it’s been placed separately in the mobile phone box or just plug the charger directly into the smartphone charging socket. Here is a quick tip for you, if you want to charge it fast, put the mobile phone in flight mode and in this way it will be charged quickly. If it’s not in flight mode then make sure not to use it like an old used smartphone. Just wait until it’s fully charged. This will extend the battery time to max level.

Connect to Wifi

After the charging finishes, connect your phone with Wifi. Because you need Wifi connection for further steps. It is advised to make sure the Wifi you connected with is fully secure.

Start the Setup

Well if you were using new or reconditioned iPhone, and now you have NEW android smartphone, then setting up the android phone is bit different from iPhone.

After connecting to WiFi, next step you have to do is to start the setup. Some of the phones come with default sign-in services, delete them and input your own sign in account like your Gmail account, if you want to use Google services.

Customize the Home Screen

After signing in, check the home screen and delete the unnecessary apps and widgets. Customize the home screen and rearrange the order of the pre-installed apps according to your choice.

Download Apps

Now the time has come when you can download apps of your choice. Just open Play Store app, search your favourite apps and download them one by one. While downloading the apps, also keep an eye at the memory storage of your android phone. To your comfort, we are sharing some of the most common apps.

Facebook, WhatsApp, Gmail, Dictionary app, Flashlight app, MX player, Flipboard etc.

Setting up Security

Your mobile phone definitely has sensitive and private data that you want to hide from other people. Therefore, it is highly recommended to take security measures to protect your personal data. You can put screen lock by visiting the Settings section of your android mobile phone.

Device Manager

If your mobile phone doesn’t have Device Manager app pre-installed then install it by yourself by visiting Google Play Store. Android Device Manager helps you in securing your information and even locate your android phone if it’s lost or stolen.

Manage Notifications

The notification bar of android smartphone is very easy to use. You have a pull down notification panel in your phone through which you are able to view notifications. By default it shows all the notifications, but you can customize the notifications by visiting the Settings option of your mobile phone.


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