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Things to check in a boarding school

Cbse girl’s boarding schools pestleveed

There are a lot of boarding schools across India these days where one can send their child for a better future.

There are girl’s boarding schools in Dehradun where one can enrol their girl child. But before that they need to research about the school properly.

Academic Offerings

The parents need to check whether the boarding school only provides the mainstream academic syllabus which is no different from the regular day schools. If that is only offered then it is not the right boarding school for your child. Go for those schools which offer something extra. Each and every good boarding school differs in their approach and that is how it should be.

Size of school

This is a very important thing to check if one is very touchy about the size of the school. If the building is bigger, then the classrooms will also be huge and airy but if they are not, then the classrooms can be clingy and shady and it will not be good for your child’s health.

 Feeder schools

There are many boarding elementary schools which have been affiliated to high schools. So when there is a time of transition it becomes easy for the students to move from the elementary schools to the high schools. One does not need to sit for the admission test again to continue their schooling. So, once they are admitted to the lower school they can be stress free about going to the high school. Also till then, the child will become easy with their boarding school life and it will also not be very difficult for them to adapt with the high school students.

 Cultural background of the students

The good and positive point of sending your child to a boarding school is that, they get to mix with students from different cultural backgrounds. This will expose them to new lifestyles, cultures, traditions and backgrounds. They can thus expand their knowledge and have a broader view of acceptance.

Extracurricular activities

The school should not limit its studies to test books and syllabus. They should have proper provision for extracurricular activities for their students. Each boarding school should provide proper facilities of dancing, acting, singing, painting and other classes so that the students can also find their passion apart from studies. Also one needs to check whether a boarding school has a proper playground (most of them has one) or not. This is because; apart from learning and extracurricular things, the children also need to stay fit.


The last but not the least that one has to check that is the school affordable for the parents? Each and every family have their budget of sending their child to a good school. If that fits in the budget then one can go ahead.

If you do not want to send your girl child to a co educational boarding school then there are girl’s boarding school Dehradun where one can enrol their child. There they can grow up to be an independent human being.


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