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The majestic Ruby: All you want to know about the gemstone

One of the most magnificent gemstones, Ruby is a sight for sore eyes. Commonly known as Manik in India, the gemstone has long been a favorite among the monarchs worldwide, including Catherine of Aragon and King Henry V of England. Carved gemstone rubies were admired for attracting prosperity and enhancing mystical powers. Celebrity astrologer and gemologist Sundeep Kochar brings you a concise guide to the majestic Ruby – its origins, benefits and how to wear it.

Origin of Ruby

 The most important sources of rubies are in Asia and Africa. Historically, Burma (now Myanmar) was always considered to be the preeminent source of the finest rubies and stones have been found there for over 1,000 years. Rubies also occur in Sri Lanka, and have also been mined in Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Sri Lanka produces the most phenomenal and largest star stones, but the rubies are generally more pinkish than their Burmese counterparts.

Benefits of wearing Ruby gemstone

 A much revered gemstone in the Vedic Astrology, ruby is ruled by the Sun and hence reflects the Sun’s warmth and energy through its crimson hues. According to astrologer Sundeep Kochar, rubies can help a person overcome timidity. “Ruby is a warm gemstone, and hence revitalizes the wearer’s internal system – both physical and mental,” he suggests.

Since the Sun is the King of the zodiac, wearing a ruby is also known to shower the wearer with immense favors from Lady Luck. The gemstone also helps in improving the eyesight and blood circulation of the wearer. Also, the crimson red color of Ruby promotes love and passion, and is often gifted as a mark of undying love.

How to wear Ruby gemstones?

 Blessed with the aura of the Sun, ruby is a powerful gemstone. Hence, it is imperative to wear it following proper rituals. Celebrity astrologer and gemologist Sundeep Kochar suggests embedding the gemstone in a gold ring to achieve best results.

The most favorable time to wear a ruby, according to Sundeep Kochar, is on a Sunday morning within first hour of sunrise. The astrologer also recommends cleansing the gemstone to eradicate any negative aura by immersing it in Gangajal. The mantra ‘Om Suryay Namah’ should also be chanted while wearing a ruby.


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