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The 5 Best Calorie-Torching Summer Sports to Try


Summer is all about nice weather and sunshine. And with that comes an opportunity to try various outdoor activities. Instead of working out regularly in the gym, you could come up with various activities that are just as good calorie burners as your usual workouts. The only difference, however, is that these activities bring so much fun along. So, let’s see what seven calorie-torching sports you can try this summer. There’s no doubt that you’ll like at least one of the sports below and your summer will become even better because of that.

Rock climbing

Let’s clear something up first – it’s not as hard as it seems! Don’t be afraid to take up rock climbing, it’s fun and once you get the hang of things, you’ll see that it’s not as difficult as many portray it to be. On top of that, rock climbing does wonders to almost every muscle in your body. Your forearms and fingers (grip), core, back, glutes and legs will become quite strong due to the nature of this activity. However, take some lessons first at your local rock climbing gym. After you’re done with that, find a proper mountain and do it.


Considering that there’s not much rain during summer, skateboarding can be something that you can do on a daily basis. It’s fun, it’s dynamic and you’ll like the adrenaline burst that comes along with it. Buying a regular skateboard and visiting the local skateboard park is fine, of course, to make sure you learn the ropes first. But, many people nowadays turn to cruiser skateboards. These cool cruiser skateboards are somewhat similar to the regular skateboard but they are longer and come in a wide variety of shapes. Due to their design, they are faster and thus perfect for downhill cruising and racing. And to experience that feeling of speed and wind in your hair is something special. Just make sure that you have all the protective gear you need before hopping on a board.


Canoeing is great for your body due to the effort you have to put into it. The downward force on the paddle and the isolation of the upper body, core and back muscles really make this sport an awesome way to get stronger and to also trim your figure. Of course, it will eat up an ample amount of energy every time but it’s more than worth it. For example, paddling 2 miles an hour burns off approximately 300 calories. Imagine paddling for two or three hours, you’ll torch those calories and work on your upper body. It’s as effective as it can get.

Beach volley

Considering that you’ll spend at least a small portion of your summer on the beach, beach volleyball is definitely something you have to try. Do know that sand is less forgiving than a gymnasium floor so you are bound to sweat it out quite a lot. However, due to that fact, you’ll burn a lot of calories which is great. You’ll be working on your abs and legs by moving quickly and jumping. Many believe that playing beach volleyball tends to be more intense than their usual HIIT at the gym. Ladies especially like beach volley since they all come out shredded after a month or two of playing the sport. A bikini never looked so good on their body before beach volley.

Bicycle riding

Riding a bicycle is maybe the perfect summer activity to do with your loved ones. It’s fun but challenging and that makes it a really good exercise. Biking does wonders to your quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and glutes. Basically, your lower body will thank you if you start riding a bicycle on a daily basis. Know that an hour of cycling at 12 to 14 miles per hour burns around 550 calories. So, find a route that is rich in beautiful views, dust off your bicycle, put that protective gear on and off you go! Once again, make sure that you are safe on the road by abiding the rules and wearing proper protective gear.

If you can’t find the time or energy to try all of the mentioned sports this summer, at least do your best at one. You will be doing yourself a favor because not only do you work on your body that way, but you’re also making this summer much more fun. Have a nice and fun summer, these sports will surely contribute to that!


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