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Shopping Dos and Don’ts for Mother of the Bride Dresses

Shopping Dos and Don’ts for Mother of the Bride Dresses

Her wedding might be one of the greatest days in your child’s life but it is no less a big day for you too. You will be actively playing a major role in the event, walking down the aisle, sitting in the front row, mingling with the guests, and dancing before the crowd. With all these on your hands, you must wear the right outfit that not only increases your glam quotient but also keeps you comfortable throughout the day.

It was not too long ago that wedding dresses for mother of the bride meant matronly and age-appropriate outfits in cream pastels or washed-out shades of beige. Today, mothers of the brides are free to give full expression to their sartorial sensibilities and wishes. Moreover, the range of dresses available to mothers of the brides now is mind-boggling and incredible. Rest assured, you will be spoilt for choice when you go shopping for wedding dresses for mother of the bride, regardless of whether it is from a brick-and-mortar store, a specialized wedding boutique or a reputed online store. 

Here are a few dos and don’ts that you should follow while purchasing a mother of the bride dress, guaranteed to help you make a grand entrance at the ceremony and to stand out in the wedding photographs.

Do not leave the selection process till too late

Ideally, the process of selecting wedding dresses for mother of the bride should start about three months before the wedding. It will leave you with enough time for shipping, and alterations if required. By this time, the wedding dress and the bridesmaids’ dresses would have been selected too, so you will have a fair idea of the coordinates to be followed. 

Before you go shopping, do connect with the mother of the groom. Tradition dictates that the mother of the bride selects her dress first and informs the mother of the groom who then finalizes her dress. Call her a week before you go shopping and tell her about your plans for the color of the dress and style and where you plan to go shopping. This is a formal go-ahead to her to do the same and will benefit both of you to stay on the same page about the color and the level of formality. 

The two of you can bond better if you go shopping together but if you do not, the length of the mother of the groom dress should match that selected by you. The length determines formality and if it is the same for both of you, it will give a touch of harmony to the wedding photographs.

Do talk to your daughter first

Have a discussion with your daughter about the type of dress you are looking for. Either she might want to go shopping with you or have a few requests that you should honor. Does she think a V-neckline to be too revealing or prefer that you wear a certain shade of blue? Does she want you to be in a formal wedding gown or is it okey with a pantsuit or cold-shoulder dress? While you have a right to put your point of view before her and even disagree on a few points, compromise as much as possible as it will make her happy. However, the final choice is yours for the wedding dresses for mother of the bride. You should love the dress and be comfortable in it. 

Do consider the wedding colors

Your daughter might want you to wear a color in the same palette as the bridal party or even match it perfectly but there are no set rules for it. The benchmark is not to wear something loud that will disturb the flow of the wedding photographs. But as a rule, do not wear the same color as your daughter. It is her great day and nothing should take away the focus from her, not even the color of your dress. Again, do not match the bridesmaids’ dresses perfectly for the same reason. But it is alright to wear the same color that is a shade darker or lighter.

Do consider all the logistics

Such factors as the formality, location, the venue, and the time of the wedding are critical to selecting wedding dresses for mother of the bride. Before, a cocktail jacket over an understated sheath was the standard dress for the mother of the bride, almost like a uniform. But today, even though there are no such restrictions, you have to go by what is appropriate for the venue. A strapless dress, for example, is ideal for a beach ceremony but will not be suitable for a black-tie church wedding where a long and flowing gown would be more appropriate. But if you must wear a strapless dress, drape a wrap around your shoulders or wear a jacket over it to instantly change the formality levels. 

These are some things to consider while selecting wedding dresses for mother of the bride. 


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