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Search Engine Marketing – Why businesses can yield higher ROIs with strategic SEM campaigns!

Do you wonder what’s the benefits of search engine marketing? The technique is one of the most robust and rewarding digital marketing approaches that yield high ROIs, irrespective of the size of the industry. Well, there are various reasons why businesses are investing in SEM, however, the cost-effectiveness of the process to deliver organizational goals tops the list. Below we will be looking more closely at gains of investing in search engine marketing, but first, let’s just have a look at the technique itself.

So, what is search engine marketing?

Some people might confuse search engine marketing with search engine optimization. Well, apart from lookalike names, two techniques do share many similarities. However, the main difference between SEO and SEM is that the former one depends mainly on organic traffic, while the latter one is more inclined to earning traffic through paid advertisement, which still is an organic approach but with paid advertisements. For instance, if you type the word “Web design” in Google search query, you will get millions of search results, however, you will also see ads displayed at the top of search results. Yup! those are the paid ads that have been placed there through SEM.

Now, one reason why we are seeing the huge search in SEM USA is that the technique yields high ROIs. Users searching for the specific keywords used in SEM campaign are more prone to actually take actions. For instance, if you want to market web design service in Las Vegas, Nevada, you would probably go with keywords “web design services in Las Vegas” or “Affordable web design services in Nevada” etc. Now, if you have strategically planned your SEM USA campaign, your ads will be listed at top of search engines, giving you high visibility and greater reach.

The best part is still to come, yes we are talking about cost efficiency. The ads aren’t priced for the number of time they are displayed for the query, rather they are priced against the number of times users take actions on them (Pay per click), this means you only pay for the number of times customers actually take actions on your ads.

Importance of Search Engine Marketing:

A brief look at the stats reveals the importance of the technique and why it’s getting such massive hype amongst online businesses. According to statistics, the number of local searches is growing rapidly, in fact, over 70% of search queries are local searches. Things get even more interesting when we look further into the conversion rates for the local searches. Users making local search queries are more prone to take actions and its clearly demonstrated in the stats, where over 80% of local searches end up either in conversion or at least visit to the website. And with the flexibility and customization available with SEM including time, gender, preferences, hobbies etc., businesses are in a better position to optimize their conversion rates by investing in robust SEM campaign.


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