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Revolution in Advertisement | OOH Advertising

In this fast developing world, where we see a new product is been launched daily. Due to increase in technology, we have been seeing a gradual increase in products and services from past decade. To remain in the competition, it is very important for a product to show what change it can bring to the market and what creativity does it offer. Because today in the market there is almost five to six product available for a single purpose. There are almost five to six brands of televisions, refrigerators, Air-conditioners, etc. that is why it is very important to show the customers what change do you offer, why should we buy your product, does it benefit us? These are the questions arises when a customer buys or compares a product with another product. Advertising has been always the key when it comes to the selling of your product. It’s always the creativity lies in the advertisement of your product which attracts the customers and makes them buys your product.


There are Many Modes of Advertisement such as,

Social Media Marketing:

This involves advertising of your product at social media chains such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. this is the method usually used as the people using social media has increased gradually from past decade. The advertiser can make groups and pages where they can share the information about their product at their groups. They can make people to join them and can avail some special discounts and offers. The people associated with the group can get daily updated about their product.

Newspaper Ads:

This is the most formal method of advertising and the old one too. You can display your Aad on the newspaper and the people reading or purchasing the newspaper will get aware about your product or service. But this method brings limitations as everyone out there doesn’t read newspaper.

Public Speaking:

In this method, people of the respective product can hold roadside meeting and showcase their product or service and this will bring public awareness about it.

Radio Advertising:

The oldest method before the newspaper and the television of course. Which is hardly used nowadays. It was the king of its time but no more today.

Television Advertising:

The best way according to me, because unless and until a person observes the product offered by you in front of him it’s hard to believe, that’s the human tendency. This advertisement can be aired on certain channels which have made a tie-up with your advertisement firm. But the main limitation of this form of advertisement is it’s for a limited period of time. After two-three months your Ad will be diminished. To tackle this issue, then comes the short-form video content.

OOH (Out-of-home) short-form Video Content:

This is the revolutionary method of advertisement available in the market. In this method a short-video is been made containing the information about your product or service which can be displayed in malls, streets, railway stations and even on your websites, phones and branded channels. due to which people can get to know about the advertisement easily. Many organizations are approaching this method big thanks to The QYOU, a business founded by G. Scott Paterson that is focused on the creation and curation of short-form video content.


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