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Prepare for the GMAT Exam with the Advice and Study Materials

While studying for the GMAT might appear to be an endless array of advice, tips, and techniques, there are some very useful ideas and materials out there to aid you in raising your score. After all, an upper percentile GMAT score offers so many differing opportunities in regards to the world of business and commerce. Let’s take a look at some of these materials and highly sought-after advice, both highly treasured by Manhattan GMAT and institutions alike around the world.

1. Make use of official GMAT prep materials.

It’s important to note that GMAC, the Graduate Management Admissions Council, has some very useful information regarding the ins and outs of the test. While Manhattan can certainly prep you with its own array of highly respected materials, there’s nothing like “going to the source.” The GMAC, of course, is the ultimate GMAT source, releasing official documents and materials concerning the test. is where you can find a lot of GMAC’s GMAT-related materials, including free question sets for Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative, and Verbal. Additionally, GMAC offers an official AWA practice page, which breaks down the writing assignment in a clear and concise manner. GMAC also publishes official GMAT guides and preparatory materials worth looking into at your local bookstore or online.

2. Keep studying with diagnostic practice tests!

The best GMAT practice exams mimic the real one you encounter on test day. For many, this means a test that’s computer-based and adaptive. Additionally, you want to time yourself on sections just as you are timed on the actual GMAT, with two 30-minute sections and then two 75-minute sections. (Watching the clock is of utmost importance!) GMAC offers two free full-length practice tests through its free GMAT Prep Software, along with 90 additional practice questions. Additional sources of practice exams would be Kaplan, Veritas Prep, and the Princeton Review, just to name a few.  

3. Keep a steady study schedule.

This is an important tip when embarking on GMAT preparation, especially if you’re studying outside of a coaching class. Maintaining a precise and orderly study schedule will help you greatly when learning all that you need to learn for this test. Many students might prefer a daily study schedule in smaller increments; whereas, others might prefer one just a few days a week for several hours at one time. Only you know what is best for your learning style and GMAT score goals. Regardless of your preference, sticking to what you propose is the key. Naturally, the materials you enhance your study time with might also change depending on your course of action. Whatever plan you decide, it’s always best to use precise and realistic practice exercises.

Studying for the GMAT is a commitment, but one that can yield great results and opportunities for career advancement if utilized and implemented correctly and efficiently. Take some time getting to know the various options out there as it relates to practice exercises, classes, and diagnostic exams. Find what resonates best for you. In the end, you are the one spending a great deal of time with these materials, so you should be happy with your choice.   


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