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I Need To Sell My Car Fast – Quick ways to sell a Used Car

Sell used car

I need to sell my car fast is what used car sellers always want to know, so that they can buy a new one quickly. Old cars not always get a good price and sell quickly if they are not in demand or their value has depreciated a lot. According to a research, a used car’s value depreciates by 11% as you drive it to home and 25% after one year from the initial value. Likewise, after 5 years of use, the value of a car decreases by 63% from the initial value. However, if you have a used vehicle and have enough finances, car experts advise selling a car before it reaches five years as there are more chances to get some profit at the time of resale.

Not every car has a buyer and even though many ways suggest to answer the query “I need to sell my car” they will not buy your vehicle if it does not have a buyer in the market. For instance, sedans, hatchbacks and SUV are in demand and coupes or sports cars do not always have ready buyers. Thus it is difficult to sell such cars as compared to everyday vehicles. When I need to sell my car fast, I must have to check the vehicle type and its demand in the market.

Also, if you have a vehicle which is damaged or accidental, it again becomes difficult to sell them, as most buyers are looking for an accident-free vehicle. In such cases, car dealers are a good option to sell a car but it is a known fact that they will quote a very low price.

Here are some easy and quick car selling ways, which can give you cash against a used car and if I need to sell my car fast, I would consider one of them for sure.

Car Trade-in vs. Selling a Used Car

It is a general thing that most car sellers take their vehicle to a car dealer first. This helps to get an asking price if they do not sell their car to the dealer. Also, an option of car trade-in, when sellers say “need to sell my car fast to get a new one”, dealers suggest choosing a trade-in. This way a seller will not have to wait for the car to be sold and then find a new one. The same dealer helps to get you a new car and adjusts the price of the old car. This way seems easy but rips off the sellers, as they get very low value and the dealer gets double profit from buying your car and selling a new car to you. While selling a used car is more profitable but requires some efforts from the sellers.

Selling Your Used Car to a Dealer

I need to sell my car fast, as I along with other car sellers lookout for an easy and hassle-free way of selling a used car. Car dealers are the most traditional way of selling a used car. As they are professional car dealers and understand the market very well. The professional and experienced car dealers help sellers to get their car sold quickly and help in paperwork as well, but if unfortunately, a seller has encountered a fake car dealer, they could be in a trouble. As they can land sellers into a bigger problem and where they can even lose their vehicle too.

Sell Your Used Car Privately

When I need to sell my car quickly and for more cash, selling a car privately is indeed the most suitable option. Newspaper, online classifieds and social media are among popular ways of selling a vehicle privately. This requires the sellers to do some effort but in the end, they get more profit as compared to other car sale methods. As there is no middleman and everything is dealt by sellers, they can easily manage to have more profit from the car sale.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of selling a vehicle privately as well, which means the seller has to take photographs, post an ad, and then keep following the ad feedback. There are chances that the vehicle can find a buyer quickly, but there are chances as well that you do not find a buyer as soon as you want.

Sell Your Car to Car Buying Companies

Car buying specialist companies are one such platform which let the sellers have more profit, guaranteed and quick sale and no hassles of paperwork. All you have to do is find an estimate of your car through an online car value calculator, book an appointment and visit the branch. A specialist will check your vehicle and quote a final price. The process is simple, quick and end results are hassle-free cash for your vehicle. This way sellers would not even risk their security neither they will have to compromise on profit.


Selling a vehicle in hurry sometimes lands seller into no profit and low resale value, while there are advantages and disadvantages of all car selling ways. The seller has to find the one which is more suitable for them and can give them more profit out of the sale.


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