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Maintenance engineer using digital tablet to inspect air conditioning unit


The air duct is an essential component of HVAC Systems. Yes, the air conditioner and the furnace of a heater are responsible for giving the desired temperature in adverse temperature situation, but the air ducts regulate the air in the home. It plays an equal part in facilitating comfort and energy efficiency.

There are number of ways in which an air duct can get damaged and degrade the indoor air quality. Mentioned below are the common problems in an air duct that disrupt the overall functioning of an HVAC :



An improperly designed and installed duct system can do more harm to the energy of your HVAC that you can fathom. Improperly installed air ducts can lead to crimps, lack of insulation and severe leakage problems. A proper layout of a duct system is imperative for adequate return and supply of the air throughout the home. The longer the cut, the less efficient will it be. An air  duct must be properly sized, installed and commissioned of the HVAC System to work properly.


It’s not only the air filters that eliminate contaminants from the air entering the HVAC System. Improperly sealed air ducts can make way for suits, dirt, cobwebs. Improper sealing can also lead to mold growing inside the air ducts. Hence regular cleaning of air ducts is recommended for maintaining the indoor air quality as well as the health people breathing air from this system.


KInks and twists in a flexible ductwork can minimize the air flow to and from from HVAC System. Air escape is a major determinant in energy efficiency rate


If the ductwork is not sealed correctly, is misaligned or has been damaged, air leakage can happen which will increase the energy loses. Leaky air ducts major connor=tribute to degrading indoor air quality since a leaky air duct open way to enter pollutants into your home. Leaky ducts lead to poor humidity control and backdrafting of combustion appliances.


A duct that is not insulated or inadequately insulated lead to loss of cool air in the summer and hot air in the winters, which ultimately increases the overall efficiency of the HVAC System.


Loosely sealed registers and grills can lead to air leakage. This affects the overall operation of the HVAC System since now it had to work harder to maintain the temperature of the house and make up for the air that was lost due to a poorly sealed body.

Air ducts are more than just a series of tube. They are a prominent deciding factor of your HVAC System’s efficiency and air quality and hence proper care must be taken to ensure they remain in perfect shape. If you need help in getting the air ducts of your system properly cleaned and sealed or you are getting a new HVAC System and need installation or repairing service, you can trust upon air duct cleaning and air conditioning repair service providers in Portland for supreme solutions with assured service, comfort, and replacement guarantee.


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