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How to Render Unforgettable Customer Experience through Chat Support Service?

Chat support outsourcing

In this modern era, there are many channels available for the customers to get the desired resolutions. With the time, chat support service has gained so much popularity owing to the convenience that it offers to the customers. Of course, other channels still hold their importance but customers, especially millennial ones are getting attracted towards the live chat feature.

In terms of customer satisfaction, other popular channels like email and social media ensure only 61% & 48% CSAT score respectively. On the other hand, live chat service takes the CSAT to score up to 73%. This tells the impact of the chat service.

However, dealing with numerous customers via chat could give a grating experience to the business owners. To skip the hassle, companies of all sizes outsource the chat support service.

But sometimes reputed BPO firms oversee some crucial aspects that can really help in providing outstanding customer service.

Today, I am going to reveal some prodigious tips that will definitely help in enhancing customer experience via chat support service:

Chat Etiquettes Must Be Followed

Etiquettes should be practiced even when the communication is done on a chat portal. This is so because everyone thinks that chat means an informal conversation. Small mistakes, in the business world, can cost big time.

Therefore, it is imperative for the BPO agents to follow chat etiquettes during the interaction with customers. This will ensure bolstered brand image and a long-term association with customers.

Mentioned below are the tips that BPO agents should follow while making a conversation with a customer on the chat.

  • Complete sentences should be written without any spelling and grammar errors.
  • Long paragraphs should be avoided for the sake of effective conversation.
  • Simpler language should be used to prevent any type of misapprehension.

During the live chat, it is imperative for the agents to communicate with customers professionally to leave an everlasting impression.

Send The Chat Transcript

Do you really want to know how memorable customer service can be delivered? “By simply providing chat transcripts.”

From the customer’s point of view, chat transcript (a copy of the chat conversation) is so important because it will cut the need to contact agents again regarding the same problem.

The reason why BPO firms in Australia, UK, etc. are supposed to provide a chat transcript after the interaction is ‘less customer service requests.’ Sometimes customers forget the answers provided by the agents or don’t have time to use given resolutions straight away. Owing to this, customers make contact with agents multiple times and thereby workload increases.

You are most probably aware that customers mainly prefer the voice channel. Nowadays customers, especially millennial ones prefer to avail the desired services via other channels like email, social media, etc.

This is so because customers never get call transcript after availing the desired services through the voice channel. This aspect sometimes invites unnecessary problems for the business at the later stages.

All in all, a copy of the chat transcript should be sent to the email address of customers after the conclusion of the chat session.

Take The Help Of Canned Messages

In order to provide impeccable chat support service, it is paramount to assist customers professionally and with courtesy. This isn’t a piece of cake as there are high chances that agents may take a lot of time to type a proper message. This aspect affects the CSAT score.

Customers always expect a swift response from the agent’s end. Also, 79% of customers prefer live chat owing to the immediacy.

Moreover, 60% of customers usually don’t like to wait more than 60 seconds to get a response. Here, the prominence of automated canned messages increases.

Furthermore, it is imperative for the BPO firms to provide top-notch training to the agents because canned messages could bring adverse results.

In addition, using too many automated messages could make customers think that they are communicating with a machine instead of a real person, which results in negative reviews and reduced CSAT score.

Don’t Forget To Conduct Pre-Chat Surveys

To deliver memorable customer service, it is imperative to solve customer’s queries as soon as possible. Pre-chat surveys are the most appropriate alternative for the same. It is significant for the BPO outsourcing companies to ask preliminary information from the customers.

This is so because if customers provide information such as their name, a quick description of the issue, etc. while initiating a chat session then chat agent can easily provide swift resolutions in a personal manner. As a result, this will build the business’s reputation.


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