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How to Market your Product on a Tight Budget

Don’t have heaps of money to spend on your business? No worries, there are myriad of tactics to market your product at a low cost. All you need is to design a focused and effective marketing strategy with a clear and strong brand message to communicate with current and potential buyers. This article discusses how small businesses can increase their sales and profit margins employing low-cost and creative marketing ideas.

Low-Budget Marketing Ideas to Boost your Business

From advertising and promotions to social media marketing, there are numerous inexpensive ways to create and enhance brand awareness and communicate your message to a great number of target audiences. Read on to know how you can market your product doing the right things and a right way.

Develop Strong and Focused Marketing Message

Your brand message is of crucial importance when it comes to marketing. If you spend heaps of money on product marketing using costly advertising means but your message is vague and weak, it cannot help you achieve your goals. An effectively designed marketing message can inspire more people and cause a considerable increase in sales. While designing your brand message, make sure it highlights your strongest points and key claims with influential facts and evidence. Be creative while designing your message so your audience does not get bored with your approach.

Create Interesting Promotional Videos

Video content can attract more people as compared to the textual content. The popularity of social media applications like SnapChat and Instagram has facilitated businesses to publish videos and images for marketing purpose. There are numerous other platforms that let you post your videos for free such as YouTube.

Us Social Media Platforms

The social media websites offer businesses to establish their business accounts and get access to a large number of audiences. Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ are some of the most popular and widely used tools for low-cost and effective product marketing. These platforms can be best places to get low-priced pay-per-click advertising. Target the communities that best reflect your business objectives and requirements.

Websites or Blogs

If you create a website or blog, you can let your customers learn more about you. The experience of customers and potential buyers can be improved by instantly responding to them; resolving their issues; seeking their feedback and try to improve your product and services as per their needs and requirements. The websites and blogs let you have a dialogue with the target audience and make them recall your product.


The social networking platform Reddit can be a powerful tool to market your product on a low-cost. Having more than 542 million monthly visitors, the American social network claims to be the front page of the internet. It allows registered members to post images, text and links which are then voted up and down by the viewers. You can communicate your brand message to a massive target audience through Reddit. However, make sure you only share truly awesome content that can deliver a wow factor.


LinkedIn is a social networking platform particularly intended for the professionals and businesses. Sign up to the network, get connected with other businesses and professional, join different groups, participate in dialogues and share your blog posts. LinkedIn can be a great place to promote your brand message and increase brand awareness.

Online Contests

You can enhance brand awareness by attracting more and more people. Some sort of online contests can be helpful for businesses to gain followers and potential leads. You do not need to offer costly prizes to the winners. It can be just a fancy backpack or another inexpensive prize. The social media platforms can help you invite participants and making your customers more involved. The more people participate in these contests, the more people will get to know your product leading to potential sales.

Email Marketing

Emails are a great way to communicate your marketing message to more and more people. As well as maintaining a relationship with your customers, the email marketing helps you make new customers. You can invite more visitors to your website and invite them to sign up for your newsletter by offering them creative and interesting content that may or may not related to the marketing or promotion of your product. Keep sending creatively designed marketing content to prospective customers periodically, but make sure you do not annoy your potential customers loading them with unnecessary promotional emails.

Hope you would find these marketing ideas helpful in getting new leads and flourishing your business without breaking the bank.

Addison is Journalist, social media expert and blogger. He is passionate technology writer and contributes towards business management, cell phone spy software and social media usage.


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