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Weaving is a fun activity where you tend to get obsessed with the art. The activity is calming and soothing. It is one of the art which should be kept alive in the age of mass-produced products. It has a touch of humanity and lots and lots of creativity in it. It keeps our brain active as we tend to research and choose the perfect pattern, yarn, and style for our next weaving project.

Sometimes, we wish that our kids were as involved in the project as we are. Kids these days tend to get overwhelmed with schooling and homework. Moreover, they have video games and television to keep themselves busy. It is hard to get them interested in a physical activity like weaving. But there are some ways in which you can make them sit with you and participate in a weaving project.

Let us look at some ways which will make your kids run to you to do some weaving done instead of running away:

Start with some fun project

Your kids would be interested in making something only if they find it fun. Motivate them to make themed stuff. If they are interested in superheroes then they car create a wall art related to these characters. If they are interested in history or animals, a project related to that will get your kids hooked to weaving. It will also make it relatable for them. When they proudly show their work to their peers, it will be a motivation for them in itself.

Display their art

There are some ways in which you can motivate your kids to do move weaving. Displaying their art is one of them. Put their work in the drawing room or on a wall of their own room. When your guests or kid’s friend’s visit your house, you must share how good your kid is with weaving. You must tell your kid that you are proud of them.

Set a fixed time

One thing that develops a habit is setting a fixed time for a project. If you want your kids to weave, then you must fix a time for them. Allot a couple of hours, or you might even plan it on every alternate day so that they weave regularly.

Give them reward

Your kids are not just looking forward to some acknowledgement; they are also looking forward to some reward. Whenever your kid completes a project reward them with something, they wanted to have. It will make them look forward to another project. You should be a little careful here as this reward should not seem like a bribe for participating in weaving, instead it should be a prize that they get for their hard work.

There are many other ways in which you can make your kids inclusive in your quest to do more weaving projects. When you shop for yarns from online stores, you should include your kids also. Discuss with them about different patterns and new ideas. It should be like their passion as much as it is yours.


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