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How To Choose An Air Humidifier

best whole house humidifier

Before choosing one should understand what the producers are offering now.

Rating of ultrasonic humidifiers

Ultrasound systems are the latest developments of manufacturers. They are characterized by economical power consumption and almost noiseless operation, which is very important when using a humidifier at night. In some systems, replaceable cartridges are provided that precipitate salts. This keeps the furniture from settling in the limescaleUsing our rating of the best whole house humidifier, you can choose the best model for your needs.

Overview of the air humidifier “BALLU UHB-400”

A compact device sprays moisture by 360 °. In addition, aroma capsules, backlight, a sensor for monitoring the water in the tank are built in. Humidity indicators reach 60 °. Manufacturer’s warranty is 1 year.

Overview of the air humidifier “Electrolux EHU-5515D”

The “Electrolux EHU-5515D” humidifier has 3 modes: warm steam, cold steam and night work. Heating water up to 80 °. It is possible to work up to 12-16 hours (in warm and cold mode). The system has an interesting external design. Control functions – electronic, built-in water monitoring function with the mode of auto power off.

Overview of the humidifier «Stadler Form Jack J-020/021

High performance allows you to quickly increase the humidity. With the help of electronic control, the functioning of the humidification system can be monitored. As a bonus – the possibility of aromatization of the room and regulator of humidification modes. At night, the noise is minimal.

Overview of the Humidifier “Boneco U700”

The floor system has a stylish design. The humidifier is supplemented with a silver rod, which disinfects the water. There is a backlight for night mode. Humidification occurs by hot or cold steam. The manufacturer supplemented the device with a container for aromatic oils.

The best steam systems

Sterile steam effectively moistens the room. Steam models have the highest performance, no difficulties arise in their operation. In systems, filters and cartridges are not provided. To the merits of all systems that produce steam, you can include the possibility of carrying out aromatherapy and inhalation. The rating of the best steam humidifiers is compiled from customer reviews.

Overview of the humidifier “BORK A802”

An additional function of air purification. The device has electronic control, built-in sensors for monitoring speed and temperature. The humidifier has a stylish design.

Overview of the Philips HU4707 / 13

Humidifier with electronic control, a liquid sensor, an indicator. The principle of operation: air masses enter the device, large particles settle on the filter, then the modern technology of Cloud air is saturated with cold steam. With such evaporation, the appearance of a white raid is impossible. Purified and moistened streams are sent to the room.

Overview of the Stadler Form Fred F-005EH / F-008EH / F-014H / F-015RH

A stylish body on the legs of rounded shapes is offered in a wide range of colors. Built-in liquid control sensor, ceramic tan, and indicator. Humidification occurs by means of hot steam. Optional: adjustment of evaporation rate.

Overview of the Boneco AIR-O-Swiss S 450

The air is humidified by the hot steam method, additionally, there is a control of the volume of water in the tank and control of the humidity in the room. Touch control with the ability to switch the speed mode. The device is supplemented with a dematerializing cartridge and a hydrostat.

The best traditional air humidifiers

Traditional humidifiers have low energy consumption, there are no special requirements for water. Humidification occurs on the principle of cold evaporation. Simple maintenance consists of the weekly washing of the pallet and monthly cleaning of disks.

The rating includes the most popular models.

Overview of the humidifier “Boneco W-2055-DR”

The main feature of the system was the structure of moisturizing discs, which are made using honeycomb technology, which allows better water retention. Using a silver rod, air disinfection takes place. There are aroma capsules, ionization of air, hydrostat, noise reduction in the night mode.

Overview of the air humidifier Fanline VE 200

Additional functions are coronation and ionization of air masses. Stream cleaning occurs in three modes. The possibility of using ordinary water, there is aroma capsule. Simple maintenance does not require the replacement of consumables. An additional bonus is a low power consumption.

Overview of the Humidifier “Venta LW 45”

The humidifier is suitable for large rooms, while the energy consumption remains low. Electronic control, built-in hydrostat. At night, noise can be reduced to 25 dB.

Overview of the humidifier “Stadler Form Oskar O-026”

The system is supplemented with a bactericidal filter, aroma capsule, regulator of evaporation regimes and a hydrostat. Simple and at the same time stylish design, the choice of 4 colors.

Which are better whole house humidifier for children

Any of the best whole house humidifiers are suitable for use in children’s rooms. Everything depends on individual needs and on what goals should be achieved:

  • if the cost comes first, you should pay attention to steam or traditional systems;
  • if you first pay attention to quality, you should take a closer look at the sink or climate system by which air flows are first effectively cleaned and already moistened enter the room;
  • if the dimensional parameters are important – ultrasonic and steam humidifiers have the most compact dimensions
  • choosing the device with the least noise, especially at night, you should pay attention to ultrasonic or climate systems. Their functioning is practically noiseless
  • for apartments with poor quality of water, traditional, steam models or air mass washes
  • if you are ready to spend some money on replacement filters during the operation, you can choose ultrasonic systems
  • large areas effectively moisturize ultrasonic humidifiers or climate complexes.
  • The best choice for a child is the acquisition of a climate system. However, high cost is not available to everyone. For budgetary models, the main selection criteria are safe and efficient work. It is desirable that the humidifiers have a shut-off function in the event that the liquid runs out.
  • It is important! On the case, there should be no small elements, which the kids might be interested in.
  • The Ultrasonic models “Polaris PUH 2650”, “Polaris PUH 5206Di” and “Supra HDS 205” are good reviews. These devices can be placed on the floor or in a place inaccessible to children.

Rating of the most reliable manufacturers

According to consumers’ feedback, the brand of “Ballu” is recognized as the best in the 2017 rating. Humidifiers and air purifiers of the Chinese manufacturer are of high quality. Special systems for children’s rooms with interesting design and functional filling are available.

  • The world-famous brand “Boneco Air-o-Swiss” from the Swiss manufacturer specializes in cleaning complexes and humidification systems. The company was founded more than 50 years ago, which speaks for stability and high quality of the brand. Models have a diverse design.
  • “Timber” – a manufacturer from Switzerland specializes in high-tech air purification technology and improving the indoor microclimate. A distinctive feature of the models is an affordable price.
  • “Electrolux” and “Philips” are producers with a history. The remarkable quality and stylish design of home appliances make it possible to stop the choice of these manufacturers.
  • The Japanese company “Sharp” has been occupying a leading position in the market of home appliance manufacturers for decades. A variety of models, stylish design, high performance – the characteristic features of the manufacturer.
  • To choose the manufacturer should be treated as carefully as possible. After all, it is not only quality and safety, but also warranty obligations, and maintenance of air humidifiers. Customer feedback on systems and warranty service can be found on specialized sites.

best whole house humidifier


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