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You know those things that you hear about and think that you’ll try them out and then you never get around to doing it? Vision board was that for me. People would tell me how their board helped them be more focused and how they’re motivated by it. Every time I heard about it or saw pictures, I would tell myself that I’m going to make my own tomorrow. Every time, I would end up not doing it until one day I did.


Getting Started

The reason I finally got to doing it was when a friend of mine told me about its impact. It makes you visualize the things that you want and visualizing can help you be motivated to make it happen. He told me that you can make a vision board for anything really: a collection of your thoughts or your ambitions or literally anything that you like.

As a person who has anxiety issues I knew how much positive reinforcement I need on a daily basis and I realized how a vision board could be my source. So I decided to make one that will reflect how I want to feel to take my mind off of things that I might be overthinking.

Deciding On Perfect Space And The Content

While I was doing some research, I found that you can even download a vision board app or online portal. But since I am not much of a smartphone user, I opted to create an actual physical one. I knew that I spend most of my time on the study table so I decided to put my vision board there. But then, I knew that on bad days, I tend to ignore looking at things that give me some kind of positivity. So I decided to turn the whole wall in front of my study desk into a vision board so that even on those bad days, I get to see the things that calm me down and soothe me.

While thinking about what I’ll add onto my  vision board, I googled about ideas for vision board apps and found. They were all great but then I decided to draw things myself and then put them up on my vision board to give myself a better sense of achievement.

I have always liked collecting quotes from my favorite books or just those which made me feel positive and I decided to make them the major content of my vision board and add on other things later.


Since I am a biggie on minimalism, I simply wrote down my favorite quotes on pieces of black sheet with a white pen and it looked so nice that I made it into a theme. For the next few days, I would come back from office and start doodling and filling my wall with my dreams and positive thoughts and my own artwork. That became my stress reliever and the highlight of my day.

Then, I started trying new things like painting and calligraphy to add them to my ‘vision wall’ and that really helped me with my low self-esteem.

The Bad Days

On bad days, I would write down my messed up, angry or sad thoughts on sticky notes and paste them on my vision wall. The next morning I would remove them and that gave me a sense of getting over those negative thoughts and I would start the day by adding another positive thing to my vision wall.

The Effect

My therapist used to tell me that I can take as many medicines as I want, but I wouldn’t get better if I didn’t make an effort. The problem was that it’s difficult to make an effort when you’re clueless about what you want. But since I had started making the vision board, I let my thoughts flow and listened to myself to figure out what I really want and what I’m scared of.

Once you listen to yourself and your needs, it gets a little easier to focus your energy on the right things. And for me, the vision board did the trick. It became the source of motivation and reassurance of being capable enough that I was in dire need of.

If you’re planning to create your own vision board, you can find an online resource to make it easier for you. If you’re crafty, you can even turn your vision board into a showcase of your creations to remind you of your ability to create.


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