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How important is Industrial Cyber Security – Penetration Testing

The Internet has brought many vulnerabilities along with its multidimensional uses. Nowadays, businesses in every sector are dependent on the internet for one or the other reason. This dependency is being exploited by all sorts of hackers, posing the gravest threat any business could have – Cyber Attacks.

Every week we see more headlines in the press about new cyber-attacks and security vulnerabilities affecting millions of consumers and businesses around the world. New attacks are being made each day, stealing millions of dollars and even worse – confidential information and other important company’s data. Various survey reports have shown that there were more than 900 data breaches compromising more than 1 billion data records in the first few months of 2017. The risk and frequency of these cyber attacks will only increase with time and advancement in technology.

Impact of Increased Industrial Cyber Attacks

Cyber Attacks can not only affect the Cloud Storage of data and other software aspects but also, can directly hit physical assets and other Industrial Control Systems. Cyber Attacks have become more sophisticated and targeted than ever.

The impact of Industrial Cyber Attacks can be really grave and disastrous. Any minute changes in installations can cause not just material damage, but at times, can also cause labor-loss. Besides this, theft of confidential or other company’s data can drown the reputation of a company. Even worse – if any of the company’s competitors get this data, the victim company might never be able to recover.

This calls for awareness against these attacks and more importantly, taking any type of safety measures available. One such security measure is – Industrial Cyber Security. What is Industrial Cyber Security?

Industrial Cyber Security

Industrial Cyber Security refers to taking all the security measures to protect all the important assets in the industrial domain from any kind of cyber threats. Any breach in the company’s network could lead to compromised credentials,  intellectual property, personally identifiable information, and any such confidential information of high grade. Industrial Cyber Security provides protection against any such threats by detecting breach of any kind and eliminating it before any damage to your business.

Industrial Cyber Security Experts make sure to prepare for any cyber attacks beforehand so that they can take the required action when the time comes. This preparation phase is called – Penetration Testing. This is a type of Cyber Security Testing.

Penetration Testing

In today’s world where business is becoming more and more digitized, detecting cyber threats and defending against them has become more difficult than ever. As the old saying goes – “Taking precautions is better than cure”, Penetration Testing is the safety measure which is taken to cast a protective shield against any cyber attacks.

Penetration Testing is designed to assess your security system for any weak or blind spots before an attacker does. It generates real-world scenarios to discover and exploit any possible security gaps, thus securing any security blind spots and strengthening your system against any possible cyber attacks.

When things come to the security of a company’s asset, preparation for the worst is always advised. Industrial Cyber Security and safety measures like Cyber Security Testing requires the supervision of experts to be implemented effectively. Protect your company against any Cyber Attacks and hire Cyber Security experts, now!


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