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Generate leads and ensure sales from Mobile Marketing

Focusing on objectives, a well-delineated digital strategy means more customer capture, but not only. For most of these companies, the priority objective is to create fan communities (84%) and establish contact with them. With this strategy, the entities also seek positioning (79%), notoriety (73%), engagement with users and clients (69%), feedback collection (67%) and loyalty (63%).

At the commercial level, the companies intend to, with its presence in the digital world , generating sales (42%) and leads (42%), ie, contact requests, commercial proposals involving the transfer of personal data to the company for a possible future sale. On Facebook, for example, the features most used by companies are Facebook Ads (advertising ads) and contests and promotions.

In the analysis carried out, a growing importance of online sales is noticeable in most companies . Of the universe of companies interviewed, almost half (43%) have online sales and with an impact on total sales increasing. In 52% of cases, e-commerce accounts for up to 5% of total sales and in 10% of cases accounts for more than 30% of total sales. Among companies that do not yet use this tool, the main obstacle or challenge identified is the logistical issue, explain those responsible for the study.

Given the positive results, it is only natural that the intention of most of these companies is to bet more and more on digital marketing , reinforcing their budgets: 70% go that way.

Investments will focus on digital marketing (70%), mobile (70%), social networks (67%), website (54%), search engines (54%), digital strategy (44%), in the web display (43%) and in e-mail (39%).

Mobile Marketing

In the US, mobile advertising spending has increased 220 percent in 2012. Over the next four years, the current $ 8.4 billion is expected to increase to about 37 billion. This seemingly sudden outbreak of mobile popularity is justified by the requirement of modern life, of constant connectivity. In 2012, 88% of US adults had a smartphone and more than half used the devices to access the internet.

In Portugal, although some companies admit to reinforcing the investment in this particular, one of the data that can be seen is the percentage of those who do not yet do mobile marketing : 62% against 38%, almost ignoring the fact that, today, 46% of social network users use smartphones and 16% of respondents connect via the tablet. With easier access, consumers have more freedom to use the network wherever and whenever they want. Companies should recognize this fact and include it in their digital strategy.

Among the companies that contemplate mobile marketing in its digital strategy , actions consist of the use of SMS & MMS (60%), development of mobile applications (58%), development of a mobile website (48%) and web display %).

The first major barrier to not using this variant of digital marketing is precisely mobile not being part of the digital strategy of companies (32%). The absence of a business case or ROI being uncertain is justification to 31%, while the absence of a mobile-optimized website is a problem for 30% of companies.

That’s why today, websites and ads for a brand must be properly optimized for mobile devices, with appropriate features: simple interface, touch interaction, location, social elements, video and animation, among others.

Even from the point of view of online commerce the benefits can be enormous, since there are numbers pointing to almost three quarters of US purchases being made after research on these mobile devices.

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Kazim Raza

I am the founder of Cheap Flights to Copenhagen from Heathrow, a travel marketing agency, as well as the Digital Strategy Blog, which was created in 2017 with the aim of stimulating the study of digital marketing in UK. I am a journalist of formation, but I found in this multi-disciplinary area a new language of communication that I practice daily with great enthusiasm.

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