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Faulty MacBook Charger – Here are some ways to fix it

A faulty laptop charger is the worst nightmare a laptop owner can have. Laptops depend on its charger and hence, any faults in them are really irksome. Apple has been constant, as far as quality of their products is considered, but Apple chargers have always been the common reason for customers to complain.

The charging problem in MacBooks is pretty common. Some of them are – Overheating, Wear, and Tear, Faulty Battery, Prong and Blade Damage, etc. Though the awareness spread through the internet regarding faulty Apple Chargers has dropped in some clues regarding the reasons behind failed charging, yet official action remains to be taken.

Here a few commonly-faced charging problems in MacBooks, and their fixes.


This is one of the most common faced by MacBooks and their chargers. In case of MacBooks, the hardware running causes generation of heat and in case of the chargers, continuous usage. These problems can be reduced to a great extent by introducing some healthy practices such as keeping your MacBook on a solid and surface, switching the charger off after every 30 mins of continuous charging, ensuring proper ventilation near your MacBook, and such others.

Wear and Tear

Laptop chargers are not something to be treated as delicacy. You could be a college student, an IT professional, or a tech savvy but you can never have enough time to handle laptop chargers, gently. MacBook Chargers are flexible and their users appreciate this, but this flexibility is the main reason behind wear and tear near the ends of the charger. The fixes of this are pretty trivial. Handling gently your laptop charger is the first step towards keeping it safe. The second step is using a three-prong power cable to increase the reach of your MacBook charger.

Prong and Blade Damage

This is one among the serious problems of faulty charging in your MacBook. This is more of a physical damage concerning the metal tips which are used for connecting the charging port to your MacBook. Ensure that neither the blades or prongs, of your MacBook, are damaged.

Besides these, problems like debris in the charging port, melting of your charger, malfunctioning of the port light, and such others. Though problems like these have become quite common, Apple has yet to extend full-support related to this common problem. Due to this, third-party retailers are benefitting from selling crappy chargers at lower prices.

Macbook Charger Repairs, even at places like Hamilton, suffer from lack of decent repairing centers. There are a few repairing centers which provide good quality repairs along with a warranty and at a decent cost. Find the right repairing center and enjoy a great repairing experience. What are you waiting for? Get your MacBook charger repaired, now!


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