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Everything you need to know about Earl Grey tea

How many of you rely on a cup of tea or coffee to keep you awake at work or when you are at a cafe completing your project? The answer would be almost all of us.


It’s true that tea has been known to improve productivity and most of us would not survive the dangerous waters at work without it.


Some of you might like to drink a regular cup of tea but many of you might come to appreciate the variety and flavors the various types of tea bring to the table. One such very popular variety is Earl Grey Tea.


The unique flavor is just something you need to add to change things in your life and that includes your daily cup of tea as well.


Origins Of Earl Grey Tea:

Yeah, that’s the 2nd Earl Grey, Charles Grey. He is the one who the tea was named after. It might have been a diplomatic choice to name it after him, as he was the British Prime Minister at the time and he is also the author of Reform Act 1832.


In those days Chinese tea was very popular and a hell lot more expensive for anyone to afford it. Earl Grey was created as an alternative that imitated the Chinese tea. It was basically a tea flavored with Bergamot.


For those of you who don’t know what Bergamot is, it’s a type of an orange. And don’t let the image below fool you into thinking it’s a guava, a common mistake to make. The fruit in the following image is Bergamot.

It was in the 1880’s the tea came to be known as “Earl Grey”. It was published by Charlot and co. in few of their advertisements.


Benefits Of Earl Grey:

1. Soothes Symptoms Of Depression:


If you have seen any movies then you must have at least seen on movie scene where the mother of a character or any maternal character makes tea for a person to calm their nerves?


Well, it happens to be true, certain tea types work good on calming you down and thus taking you far away from falling into the abyss known as Depression.


Bergamot oil has quality  And that’s not the only ingredient in the tea that helps you with depression and anxiety. The caffeine content will also help you focus better.


2. Weight-Loss:


Just like the way caffeine and bergamot oil from the Earl Grey assist you in calming depression symptoms and keeping anxiety and stress at bay. They’ll work together to help you lose the unnecessary weight you have been carrying around as well.


Caffeine in the tea will boost your body’s fat-burning mechanisms and the bergamot in it will boost the metabolism, both of which are healthier aids for weight loss.


3. Better Digestion:


Let it be Constipation, hemorrhoids, or cramping, Earl Grey has been known to calm each of these stomach ailments. This is all thanks to the antioxidants present in the Earl Grey that lay waste to the radicals that create the majority of problems related to digestion.


Constipation is also assisted by reduced inflammation. Earl Grey Tea takes care of that in order to calm the symptoms of constipation and furthermore, cures it.


Not only does it help you with indigestion but a couple of cups per week might reduce the risk of digestive system cancer.


4. Good Dental Health:


An antioxidant named Catechin prevents oral infections. Also present in the Earl Grey Tea is fluoride that prevents tooth decay.

It’s like a protective shield against tooth decay. So, as long as you brush your teeth and floss regularly you will retain good dental health.


5. Sort Of An Energy Drink:


There a reason we have given this the heading “Sort Of An Energy Drink”. It not really an energy drink that could keep you alert for a long time. But the little amount of caffeine in the tea will at least wake you if you have been feeling drowsy for the whole day.


So, yeah. You can even drink it at night to calm your nerves and not worry about it keeping you up the whole night.


6. Cholesterol Levels and Heart Health:


Various studies have shown that regular intake of Earl Grey Tea is known to decrease the cholesterol levels i.e. it decreases the bad cholesterol levels and increases the good cholesterol levels.


The antioxidants in the Earl Grey Tea also help clear the plaque buildup in the heart and get rid of the oxidative stress that has been making your heart sick. Drinking Earl Grey Tea promotes heart health.


These are just 6 of the many benefits of Earl Grey Tea. Some similar and some more vast and different than these but these benefits are all about us living a healthy life.


Now that you have learned the benefits of the Earl Grey Tea, let us teach you how to make a cup of Earl Grey.


Earl Grey Recipe (With Milk):

We’ll now show you how to make a cup of Earl Grey Tea.



  • Requirements:



A tea infuser, a teapot, Earl Grey Tea, water.



  • Process:



Step 1: Add water to a teapot and heat it and stop when it’s about to boil.


Step 2: Now add some Earl Grey Tea to the infuser and keep it aside for 4 minutes.


Step 3: Pour water into your cup or mug and keep it aside for a minute. Then add milk to the cup. Do not decide to forego this step. If you pass it then the tea won’t have the same taste because the milk curdles when you add it to hot water at that temperature.


Step 4: Now, you can place the tea infuser over the cup and let it steep. Your Earl Grey Tea is ready and can be served whenever you are ready.


If you call yourself a tea lover these are just some of the things that you should know by now. Share it with your friends and let them know what they have been missing.


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