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Enhancing the Reliability of Cable Networks

Cable jointing kits

Introduction-High voltage power supplies are a key component in electrostatic applications. A variety of industrial and scientific applications of high voltage power supplies are presented for the scientist, engineer, specified and user of electrostatics. Industrial processes, for example, require significant monitoring of operational conditions in order to maximize product output, improve quality, and reduce cost. New advances in power supply technology provide higher levels of monitoring and process control. Scientific experiments can also be influenced by power supply effects. Contributing effects such as output accuracy, stability, ripple, and regulation are discussed.

Cable jointing kits are suitable for universal application as the branch or straight through joints in low-voltage electrical installations. Cable jointing kits is an indispensable tool for electrical engineers, and high expectations are placed on it. A cable joint is intended to protect cables against moisture ingress, dust, and penetration by foreign objects. They are the product of choice of energy supply companies, industry and the electrical trade for permanently connecting cables buried in the ground.

Cable jointing kits are a cost-effective way of reducing the time which is lost in the process of electrical cable jointing. The purpose of a cable jointer is to lay, joint, terminate and repair underground power cable; they essentially lay new power cables through underground pipes and terminate them at electrical equipment Cable jointing is equally resistant to all environmental influences and is environmentally friendly.

Application of Cable Joints kits

There are various types of cable joints kits available which will suit various applications, including:

  • Cable Jacket Repair
  • Steel wire Armored Cable
  • Unshielded

Types of cable jointing kits

  • Full kits, including sleeves, resin bags, cable ties etc.
  • Various joint types (branch, multiple branches, straight)
  • Halogen-free versions available

Cable splicing kits don’t require any skills with soldering or pre-knowledge of the client’s setup. In that sense, the splicing kit can be used for the widest variety of occasions. Some technicians also prefer to mount the splicing kit on a wall, where applicable. The Cable splicing kits is used to quickly repair (or elongate) load cell cables.

Cable splicing kits provides a safe, simple and secure way to terminate both water and non-water blocked cables rated up to 15KV. These kits have been designed to be watertight and feature non-tracking insulation with a revolutionary new electrical stress control system. They are high performing with a history of use in industrial applications.

They are ideal for a broad range of applications, utilizing commercial and military marine high voltage cables. The marine high voltage kits offer mechanical strength, watertight sealing and the ability to withstand extreme environments.

Power cable accessories- The most innovative utilities and industries around the world, including mining, marine, offshore and nuclear, use our power cable accessories. It has been designed to withstand environmental extremes and high pollution levels over long operating lifetimes; they help maintain service reliability in underground, overhead and substation installations among the others. There are highly developed specially formulated insulation materials that resist cracking, erosion and degradation caused by ultraviolet light and other environment stresses.


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