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Details About Cold Press Juice Machines

Cold Press Juice Machine
Cold Press Juice Machine

Juice machines are very common daily life gadget that has been in use since the year 1930. After the invention of the first juice machine, it has evolved into many forms and the changes were done both in the structure as well as in the working mechanisms. The juice press machines are found in the later 90’s period. There are many different juice press machines. Among the different types of juice press machines, centrifugal juice press machine and cold press juice machine are very important. These are the most used press juice machines throughout the world.

Cold Press Juice Machine

Mechanism of cold press juice machine:

Cold press juice machine uses the hydraulic method to extract juice. Making the juice by using a cold press juice machine is a simple process. The steps to make a juice using this machine as follows.

  • To make the juice using this machine first the skin of the fruit is removed by using peelers or blades.
  • The pulp will be placed into the tube or the jar and the skin of the fruit or jar will be stayed after removing it by using the steel blade which is also associated with the setup.
  • The pulp containing jar will be subjected to a hydraulic press. The hydraulic movement of the machine towards the pulp will extract the juice from it.
  • The residue after collecting this juice will be discarded or recycled.
  • The juice extracted by using this machine is pure and raw juice extracted from the pulp itself which can stay fresh for nearly five days if it is stored in a cool place without any adulterant or add-on preservative material.
Press Juice Machine

Press Juice Machine

The significance of cold press juice machine:

Cold press juice machine extracts the exact amount of juice from the fruit by pressurizing it. The juice obtained by this method is very raw. The centrifugal juice press machine uses centrifugal force to obtain the juice. This results in losing some of the content available in the pulp. But the pressure rising method will suck out the maximum juice content without leaving a small drop of juice content.

The cold press juice machine functions slowly compared to the other juice extractors as the hydraulics inside the machine will take some time to run. Hydraulic cold press juice machine is very durable than other juice extracting machines. This machine tends to last longer. The cold press juice machine will function at least 15 years without any drawback.

Maintenance cost for this machine is very less than other juice producing machines. The cold press juice machines have many possibilities and functions than the other types of juice extractors.

Cold Press Juice Machine

Cold Press Juice Machine

  • Cleaning up the machine is very easy, and it can be subjected to wash by introducing it directly into the water.
  • It can crush any of the hard fruit or vegetables and it can extract the most from it.
  • The body of the machine is usually built by using metal and the design will be of single bodywork.
  • The other apparels attached with the machine are the juice collector and the residue holder. The juice collector collects the juice and the residue collector will collect the remains after sucking out the juice from the pulp.
  • It can easily crush the leafy fruits or vegetables by pressurizing it accordingly whereas many of the other types of juice extractors cannot pulp out the juices from a grassy and leafy type of vegetables and fruits.

Some cold press juice machine models have grinding machines attached to them. The grinders attached with them can grind the little harder substance like coffee beans and other solid materials. The cold press juice machine is one of the leading types of cold press juice machine to date and it is yet to meet many changeovers.


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