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How enterprise content management benefits your business


All companies striving to be competitive must be able to deliver content and documentation related to the organization in a fast and efficient manner. They must be able to activate the content when it is required and delete it when it is no longer viable.


Enterprise content management (ECM) is a strategy towards maximizing the usefulness and accessibility of business content. Evolving technology has to be matched to meet the company’s needs, whether they are about records and documents, organizational issues and compliance with regulations or continuity management following any unexpected break in operations. This strategy helps an organization to identify patterns and trends in markets where existing content could be applicable. It allows executives to make smarter and faster business decisions, as well as plan for future ventures. ECM enables a business to assess the existing content and to decide if it is still valuable and must remain stored, or whether it can be thrown out.

  1. Compliance

National governments and supranational bodies like the European Union issue swathes of regulations every year aimed at dealing with accounting procedures, energy efficiency to environmental rules and refuse disposal. Complying with these regulations has become a serious cost, famously called “red tape.” Compliance may need new IT systems, industrial processes, and staff. But ECM can change this cost into a business opportunity by developing a good management strategy for optimizing the relevance of records, as well as the contribution of other specialist employees IT, legal or other technical staff in the company.

  1. Collaboration

An ECM strategy developed by Hitec Laboratories starts by ensuring that individuals with overlapping or complementary expertise learn to work in a collaborative way to ensure faster results. New technology can address issues such as cost cutting, process streamlining and efficient communication between offices in neighboring parts of the same city, or half a globe away. ECM can enable the most efficient communications channels whether in instant messaging, social media and other chat, as well as the lifecycle management of content within in a company’s worldwide organization and markets.

  1. Continuity

Continuity planning is about keeping the organizations functioning in the aftermath of a disaster, natural or man-made, or another unexpected event. ECM technology allows for the creation of a central repository of vital information. This can range from off-site back up information to electronic stores powered by different grids. The plan needs to establish a crisis center, a strict chain of command in the company and identify the vital employees to fulfill recovery tasks and their substitutes if anyone is unavailable or injured. The plan must explain how key processes can be recovered. Most importantly, this plan should be tested annually or semi-annually and updated in the light of new developments.

ECM is a tool that identifies and moves key company content through its lifetime of usefulness to an organization. The tools identify how content moves through various corporate processes and also updates document management to comply with changing regulations. This helps the company to stay abreast of regulatory forces, stay competitive and recover from disasters or other contingencies.

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