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Consumer Behaviors Persuading Giants to Enhance Mobile Experiences

There has been a dramatic change in the digital experiences that people expect and marketers deliver. It’s the golden age of user experience that we are living in. In fact, the businesses are more inclined towards simplicity when it comes to user-interface. It’s all because the simple layouts are easier to navigate through.

Frankly, it’s not the technology that’s turning out to be more exciting. Instead, it’s the user experience derived from that technology, which happens to be the focal point. When it comes to user’s expectation, here’re a few things that people are looking for these days. So let’s dive in;

Help Me Faster

In this fast-paced world, nobody is going to appreciate the assistance in a pretty slower mode. As we all know, technology is being helpful in many ways that we couldn’t even imagine a decade ago.

For instance; Just tap on your mobile screen, and you can pay for a coffee instantly. You can make so many transactions without even losing the comfort of your home. Whether it’s about calling up a taxi or booking your flight, everything’s available right on your smartphone screen.

But with the faster-growing technology, consumers are getting impatient. They aren’t willing to wait at all, which makes them look for the mediums that do the same thing for them but in a faster and user-friendly manner. As per stats, 53% of visits re abandoned if the mobile site takes over 3 seconds to load. So how fast your website is.

For those of you, up for getting a new mobile website or heading for an app development Dubai, prefer getting better speed and user-experience over design.

Know me better

This is one of the most effective ways to connect with customers. In fact, many digitally-aware businesses emphasize more upon personalized and relevant experiences to connect with their target audience. As per the 89% of Marketers in the US, personalization on their websites or apps helped them increase the revenue.

For those of you ambiguous about what personalization exactly is? It’s not some technological advancement, gadget or feature. But. It’ a strategy that allows businesses to be smarter with their data with the help of important signals like CRM data and browsing behavior etc.

Did you know, 63% of buyers expect brands to provide them with personalized experiences using their purchase history? For instance; if your customer bought a dress shirt, then offer them dress pants or a matching pair of shoes with them.

Wow me everywhere

Brands, nowadays, need to consider coming up with a sort of synchronization on the experiences they provide through different media and devices. According to the statistics, 63% consumers expect brands to deliver the consistent experience every time they interact with a brand. Some digital-aware brands do provide the consistent experience to wow their consumers everywhere.

For instance; Walgreens, which provides the consistent experiences. Its mobile app connects consumers with a doctor online, and consumers can easily pick up prescriptions in-store. In short, this approach paid off tremendously.


Do you want to learn more about why it’s important for business to improve mobile experiences? Just check out the article now



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