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Common Home theater system problems you can try solving on your own

Things can turn pretty complicated with mobile phones, laptops, video games, or our Home Theater Systems. Technology has undoubtedly helped us in evolving and has extended all kinds of comforts. Our lives have become quite dependent on these small pieces of technology and we can’t imagine even a day without them. A faulty device can easily turn your day into a really difficult one.

Home Theater Systems, with speakers, display screen, and amplifiers, can look really complicated with all the wires and manual settings required. It is almost inevitable for the best of us to run into some petty problems with our Home Theater Systems, like connection problems. It is almost meaningless to call technical help for petty issues like these. Why invest in something when you can fix it by yourself?

Here are a few common Home Theater System problems that can easily be fixed by your own.

None of the equipment turns on.

 It can be a big bummer when on a well-planned movie night, your Home Theater System just won’t start. The first step is to check for any loose connections. Ensure that the electric supply to the surge protector is not faulty and then proceed to check all the individual connections. Most of the times, this fixes the problem and you can continue with your movie night.

No sound output.

This is one of the most common problems faced. Though it is impossible that all of your speakers turn faulty at once, but the probable cause could be some petty connection issue. It is possible that this problem is a result of a faulty wire connection. If the problem persists even after countering all the connection issues, the problem is probably with the volume settings on the receiver’s end. Go through the menu and try spotting some bug in the settings. You will fix your faulty Home Theater System in no time!

Poor Picture Quality.

Many times, you may encounter poor picture quality like a bit grainy texture, on your display screen. This problem is, mostly, a result of some faulty wires or could be a loose connection too. Try spotting any kind of connection problem before calling for tech support. If the problem persists even after this check, the reason might be a cable that needs to be changed. Change the cable and check again for any signs of poor picture quality. Call in technical support if the problem persists.

The picture doesn’t fit the screen.

This can ruin a movie night or a TV Series marathon. What is the whole point of watching your favorite movie on the Home Theater System, if the picture is either too large or too small for the screen? Don’t panic, the reason behind this problem could be as trivial as an improper aspect ratio. Navigate through the on-screen settings menu and set the aspect ratio right. This will solve your problem and you can continue enjoying your favorite movie.

Most of the times, trifling problems like these can ruin your whole excitement and set up for a perfect date night or binge-watching Netflix shows with your friends. Try going for a quick check and fixing these problems to avoid meddling into deep technicalities. Call for technical help, if the problems persist.


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