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Career and Scope in Biotechnology

best BSc biotechnology colleges in Uttarakhand
Biotechnology and Microbiology are interdisciplinary branches of science, which is quite famous among youngsters as it is offering plenty of career opportunities to those who want to discover the modern frontiers of science. It does not refer to a specific industry or job. The applications of Biotechnology and Microbiology are huge as it caters to diverse industrial sectors such as textiles, food, agriculture, animal husbandry, pharmaceutical and more. Biotechnology and microbiology include varied subjects in addition to biology making these interdisciplinary fields of education. Apart from their technical part and engineering applications, microbiology and biotechnology are giving rise to diverse new fields with several job opportunities.
What is Biotechnology? 
As the name implies, bio-technology is an amalgamation of biology and technology. It refers to the use of biological components to make useful products for mankind. This technology employs biological systems to make a product for a particular use. Relying on its applications, biotechnology overlaps areas such as bioengineering and others. The introduction of biotechnology has extended into varied sciences such as virology, immunology, and other subjects such as agriculture, health, cell biology, plant physiology, seed technology, etc.
Who is a Biotechnologist? 
Biotechnologists are the professionals, who conduct different experiments in both private and government labs in order to change or manipulate microorganisms to form new products useful for humankind. Biotechnologists can take employment across various sectors of industries like biophysicists, medical scientists and biochemists. Since biotechnology generally translates to hereditarily tailored materials, biotechnologists produce new useful products using living organisms. Biotechnologists work in different sectors of industry comprising food, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and food manufacturing.
What is the career scope in biotechnology? 
Scope for biotechnology as a career field is huge, since we live in a world, where new applications, amazing discoveries, and innovative products are in the industry every day. There are several organizations, which provide excellent opportunities to people, who are new to the field of technology. Today, biotechnologists are at the vanguard of the incessant search to find sustainable and new food sources. Biotechnology graduates from the best BSc biotechnology colleges in Uttarakhand can work in different industrial environments and settings. They can specialize in one or more subfields such as proteomics, genomics and bioinformatics.
Who can study Biotechnology and Microbiology? 
Any student, who has completed his/her 12th with chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics can take up Biotechnology and Microbiology as their specialization in their undergraduate and postgraduate course at the best MSC Microbiology colleges in Uttarakhand.

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