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Care For Your Limestone Surfaces Well

Limestone is a natural sedimentary rock that consists of calcium carbonate and other mineral elements. Limestone has a texture and a finish of their own that is so very different from other forms of stones. This is why there is a special demand for limestone finish table tops, kitchen tops and shelves and also floors.

Limestone can come in different colors and also grades of quality and finish. However one of the things that remain the same for all types of limestone tiles is that they are extremely vulnerable to getting impregnated with contaminations. If a liquid falls on any limestone surface then the same can seep into the surface and can affect the texture, quality and the durability of the Limestone surface in the long run. This is why limestone sealers are so very important.


Limestone is one of the most porous materials that you will ever get to see. Hence application of a sealer is very crucial. There are different types of stone sealers that can prove to be really effective in maintaining the quality of the limestone surfaces. The Impregnator is one such stone sealer that can provide effective protection to your limestone surfaces. This sealer will ensure that even if some liquid spills on your limestone surface it will not seep into the limestone until you get the time of wipe it off. They provide an effective protection against acidic liquids.

Granite sealers are yet again another effective stone sealer which provides an effective shield against acidic liquids. A coating of good quality limestone sealer can also preserve the color of the limestone surface for a longer duration. However in order to seal the limestone surface in a proper manner the surface needs to be sealed at the time of installation. It must be done once prior to grouting and once after the process of grouting.

Proper Selection

There are a large number of limestone sealers. Hence it is imperative that you choose the correct form of sealer so that your limestone sealer can be safeguarded in the best possible manner.

In order to protect your limestone surface from ordinary cold drinks and dirt, standard quality sealers will do. However commercial kitchens require premium quality sealers. You can also use enhancing sealers that provide a larger spectrum of protection to your limestone surfaces. Shiny and glossy surfaces can be protected with topical sealers.

In order to get the best kind of protection advice and consultation from experts and professionals of the domain can give better results.


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