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Bike Tyre The Essential But Ignorant Part Of A Two Wheeler

two wheeler tyres India

Most of the youngsters in India find their first love in their motorcycles. They just love to ride on them. The riding pleasure can be perfected if the vehicle has the perfect specifications. Here comes the interesting part. According to the majority of the youngsters out there, the engine capacity, looks and mileage are the major factors while selecting a bike. They hardly mention the tyres during their shopping time. Nonetheless, there would be time when they will need to replace them with appropriate models. The good news is that they can buy bike tyre online easily.

Various factors contribute to the selection process of tires. The reputed manufactures employ the advanced machines in their production facilities to ensure the quality and durability of their products. The normal people don’t usually have any idea how to select the best tires for their motorcycles. This article is especially for these types of people.

The motorcycles are the vehicles for short distance travelling purpose. They are normally used to travel in the busy and narrow Indian streets due to their small form factor. The Indian bikers don’t always have the luxury of smooth roads in the various parts of the country. That’s why the tires should have the perfect grip to keep their performance smooth in the rough roads.


The manufacturers create tires based on various types of grips particularly for the wet and dry surface grips. You need to do some quick search about the specification of the tires manufactured by the major manufacturers to know if they are made for either the wet grip or the dry grip purpose.


The second factor is the lifespan of a tire. It should not be bigger problem to know their lifespan. Every tire out there is marked with specifications that start to disappear as the time progresses. You just need to check the imprint from time to time. If the imprint is getting blurred pretty badly, it’s the time to find a new pair of tires for your motorcycle.

Fuel Efficiency

It’s a major factor for the Indian youngsters. They all are crazy about the mileage issue of a motorcycle so much so that they usually don’t buy motorcycles with low mileage. However, most of the youngsters are ignorant of the fact that the tires play an important role in the mileage of a motorcycle. The tough tires handle the heat pretty well and provide excellent fuel efficiency.

Find Them Online

You can comfortably find any type of two wheeler tyres in India on the various online sites. Just search the model of your bike and you will get the result of the various models supported by the manufacturer of your motorcycle.


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