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7 ways to save money on office inventory

Whether you are running a small or a large business, one thing that is required in all the organizations is the office inventory for doing the routine jobs effectively. The overall cost of office supplies can vary from company to company and eventually when your organization grows, you require more amount of inventory to cater to the demand. Staples, a leading office supply retailing company, supplies the office inventories at the most affordable cost; besides premium quality products you can also use staples coupons to get attractive deals and discounts on the office items.We at times pay huge chunks of amount in buying the inventory which reduces the working capital of our company; thus minimizing the unnecessary expenses is very important as it streamlines the business operations and increases the bottom line.

Following are the ways which can help in reducing the cost of office supplies to a much greater extent.

Finalize what all you require

Before starting buying the office supplies, plan out what you actually require in your current inventory of office supplies as just stocking your office supplies will only block your working capital. Prepare a plan before visiting any store and try to buy the products for the next week, month, six months depending upon its usage and expiry. Also review your budget carefully and make sure that all of the expenses are necessary for the running of the business. Research the market you are catering to carefully and find out how much inventory you actually require; today there are a lot of software that can help in managing your inventory acutely and effectively.

Always go for original products

Opting for a low quality product can no doubt help in saving the money by some amount, but eventually you have to shell huge on the maintenance. For instance, if you opt for a low quality cartage ink for your printer, then it will affect the performance of the printer and then you might have to spend more on getting the printer repaired.

Buy in numbers

Always try to buy office supplies in bulk as you can get attractive discounts on it. However, don’t buy those kinds of items in numbers whose requirement is very less otherwise it will block your money as office space as well. Have a striking deal with your suppliers to buy it in bulk so that you don’t have to visit the supplier frequently and can get cheaper price for the bulk. For instance, you might do not require ten thousand rolls paper every month but purchasing enough stock is the best option to save money. Many leading organizations such as by using Staples coupons user can get huge discounts if buying in numbers.

Go online

This is the most convenient and time saving way to purchase the office supplies as there are so many options to choose from the available ones. Check the websites of the suppliers and compare the prices with its competitors before finalizing the deal; by a thorough research you can save huge amount especially on large items such as printer ink or photocopier toner. So instead of visiting the departmental stores start shopping online as it will be time saving process and the cost of the products will also be relatively low, they don’t need to maintain physical and online stores unlike the departmental stores which eventually increase the cost of the products.

Don’t exhaust with the supplies

Don’t wait for the last minute to get all the office supplies exhausted as it can be more stressful. Also to meet the increased demand you eventually end up paying more as you require the supplies at any cost. If there is shortage of resources make sure to either reduce the amount you are using until resupply or explore the possible options for the emergency resupply of the items. With the help of your trained staff or using the services of an inventory control firm, you can accurately count and document all the merchandise you have. Pick a specific day each month and make it a habit of placing the order for office inventories on the regular basics so that restock it. Also set up recorder alerts which can inform you about the supplies getting exhausted and you can buy them on time.

Buy used supplies

Buying used items also reduce the monthly expenditure by significant amount; especially when you want to purchase expensive items such as printer, computer equipment’s or even furniture as well can cut costs and expenses with no difference in the performance. You can save approximately 50-70 percent by buying used computer parts, copiers and office furniture from some of leading websites in addition to local newspaper classifieds which is full of such kinds of advertisements. If you have strong bargaining power, you can negotiate directly with the seller and get the best deal as many retailers don’t disclose the price at the time of ad posting; it is only you who have to ask for it. Also you can ask for the corporate discounts and can use your credit card to make the payments so that you can earn extra bonus points, cash back or something else in addition to your office supplies.

Ask for free shipping

Many a times we end up paying more than the actual cost of inventory due to heavy shipping charges attached to it. Shipping costs vary from supplier to supplier; always consider buying from those suppliers who offer free shipping on your products. Get huge and heavy items delivery to your office can actually cost you hundreds of dollars, so stay alert to check the shipping terms and policies before placing the order. If you are buying online from the supplier for the first time, contact the vendor to ensure there are no extra charges such as fuel surcharges or other charges attached to the delivery of the product. Companies like Staples offer lucrative discounts to the first time customers and they can use staples coupons to get the best deals.

These are some of the ways which will not cost an arm and a leg. With proper planning, you can save huge amount on your everyday cost without compromising on the quality at all and can manage your business in a more stress-free way.



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