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Smart phones have become a part of everyday lives of a significant part the population. There are hundreds of options available packed with features that make life easier and you have all that you need, on the go. A considerable rise has been seen in the spendings of an average person on Cell Phones and Associated Services. People are more focused of getting their hands on phones with best features and most efficiency. But a phone’s efficiency can be increased through accessories as well while avoiding burning any holes in your pocket.

Here are 7 accessories that help you use your cell phone to its full potential and some more:

1.Screen Protector

To use a phone in best way possible, you must first ensure its security. That is why a screen protector is a must. Since a gorilla glass adds to the already high cost of phones, a screen protector provides you with almost the same insurance at a fraction of the cost. There are multiple options depending on how much protection your phone needs.

2.Quirky Cases

While we’re on the subject of security, another important Cell Phone Accessor Series  your phone needs is a case. A case not only provides protection to your device, but also gives it a personal touch since there are hundreds of options available ranging from formal to quirky to minimal to match your personality.

3.Portable Bluetooth Speakers

One of the most useful things that a smartphone provides is music on the go. This feature becomes even more useful when you have bluetooth speakers which makes your phone your personal sound system to make your gatherings musical and thus more enjoyable.

4.Audio Splitter

In the words of Dan (Begin Again), “you can tell a lot about a person by what’s on their playlist.” But sharing a playlist wasn’t so easy until the advent of audio splitters. This little accessory lets you connect multiple headphones to the same device and lets you have a full blown music session with your squad without adding to the noise pollution.

5.USB OTG Adaptor

Remember the times when it took about 2 hours and a satan’s ritual to transfer data from your computer to your phone? While the advent of usb cables made the process significantly easier and faster, USB adaptors take it one step further. There are times when you have data in a pendrive and you can’t find a laptop to access the data. USB OTG adaptor lets you connect the pendrive to your phone and makes your phone accessible to almost every external storage device.

6.Power Bank

While there are many features in a phone that can make your life convenient, a phone’s battery has a limit. It can’t always be the case that you have access to a power socket. That’s where a power bank comes in. Ideal for travelling, it makes sure you don’t have to go on a hunt for power sockets every time your phone needs charging.

7.Phone Lenses

In our hearts, we’re all photographers. For that click freak inside you, phone lenses make it a little easier to get clearer and professional pictures. These lenses can be used to increase the pixels or make the camera more focused to get that perfect and aesthetically pleasing pictures as you’ve always wanted.

While cell phones, in themselves, are very efficient and useful, some add on accessories can help you unravel the full potential of your phone and help you get value for money experience.


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