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7 Laws in UAE to watch out for, especially if you are a tourist!

UAE is one of the most revered tourist spots in the world. The place has a wide variety of tourist spots that please to the eyes. But it is a common occurrence that tourists get tangled with the law in the events when they do something illegal without knowing. It can be because of the fact that what they do might be perfectly acceptable in their home country.

UAE has a set of laws that are heavily inclined to protecting the integrity of both the civilians as well as the rulers. Hence, you might find some of the common practices in other countries to be banned/illegal in UAE. Let’s look at mostcommon laws that might get you charged with a fine or even imprisonment if you are not acquainted with laws in UAE.

1)  Alcohol is a big NO-NO

While laws are relaxed on drinking alcohol in public in many countries around the world, UAE is not one of them. People are allowed to drink alcohol in licensed areas,and they can buy alcohol into their homes if they themselves are licensed. If you are caught driving with traces of alcoholin your system or if you drink in public, you are looking at a very hefty fine or even imprisonment. If you are visiting UAE, make sure to use Alcohol where the law permits and understand the intricacies involved from professionals.

2)  Don’t let the check bounce

Writing checkis a common practice nowadays as it is one of the easiestways to transfer money. With a check, the complexities of storing or counting denominationsare avoided,and all it takes is the visit to a bank. This is the same case in UAE, but things differ in your check bounces. Before you write a check, make sure that you have sufficient balance in your bank. Otherwise, you will be charged with breaking a financial agreementand can be jailed.

3)  Keep yourself in check in the public

It’s in human nature to show love for your spouse. However, UAE values modesty,and there are a specific set of rules that frown upon public display of love. If you are out with your spouse holding hands, it is not considered as an offense. But if things get overly passionate and lead to vulgar behavior, you will be fined/jailed. The modesty and decency also apply to public behavior, as you are not allowed to swear in public or behave indecently towards another person.

4)  Be extra respectful on Ramadan

Ramadan is a Muslim tradition,andit is practiced all over the world when it is that time of the year. It involves fasting from sunrise to sunset. Being mostly a Muslim traditionalist country. UAE is strict when it comes to eating in public during the month of Ramadan. If you are caught eating something in public, the first set of action is a warning,but repeat offenders are jailed. You can enjoy any food from the comfort of your home or in private.

5)  Loud music on Ramadan

Since we have made it clear that Ramadan is very important and any action that goes against the peace and serenity of the month is considered an offense. This is why playing loud music publicly or at a house in such a way that can cause disturbance to your neighbors. If youare charged with the crime, it is a finable offense. In addition, all clubs and nightclubs in UAE will be closed in the month of Ramadan.

6)  Drug possession

There is no lenient rule when it comes to drug possession in UAE. If a person is caught with drugs, the immediate punishment is imprisonment. The time duration can last as long or more than 4 years depending on your charge.Make sure that your medicine prescriptions donot contain any substance thatis made illegal by UAE laws as the checks start from customs levels.

7)  Sexual relations

In UAE is illegal to live with a person of opposite sex if you are not related by blood or marriage. This is a serious offense in UAE. The minimum jail time you can get is a whopping one year,and it will be followedby deportation.

What can you do to stay safe!

Different places have different rules and embracing a state,or a country is the same as embracing its laws and traditions. If you are planning a trip to UAE, make sure to follow the rules.

But what if you get mixed with the law? Then your best bet is to hire the best lawyer. We know that it is daunting you be at the mercy of the law and authority when you are in a foreign country. This is why we provide you with advice and guidance on the workings of laws in UAE. Being one of the best law firms in Dubai, we can assure you a hassle-free process. With expert advocates in Dubai at the helm, we are more than capable of helping you through legal conundrums.


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