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5 Detailing Mistakes in Car that Everyone Should Know

When it comes to detailing, you won’t be judged by how good the car looks but you’ll be judged by how many mistakes you made. Perhaps that’s the reason as to why it’s imperative to avoid these to up your detailing game.

Lack of Protection

Protecting your skin is important while you’re treating the car with some solutions or maybe even washing it. Try wearing black gloves. You can get a couple hundred for $10 or so and keep them in your cabinets. And you are good to go.

A lot of people just jump in with excitement to clean their car. But you know what? You need that hand, eye and foot protection meeting. It has nothing to do with the car chemical for sure, but it’s about the chemical in general. Precisely, just protect yourself as much as humanly possible.

Know about Automotive Clay?

I don’t’ think so. Frankly, it’s a huge source of confusion. Due to which, you end up making a lot of mistakes when detailing your car. Here’re a few confusions about it;

  • When you have scratches on your paint, people think that clay is going to remove it. Not at all.
  • When I’m cleaning, maintaining or detailing my car, I must use clay. If you think so, it’s not true.

Be mindful that the emergency clay is a tool just like going into an emergency room. You don’t need it all the time, but when you need it, it will work fantastic. Yeah, it’s true that the clay is unbelievably helpful when you need it but you don’t have to use it all the time.

Using APC on Interiors

It’s not advisable to use an all-purpose cleaner on the interior. APCs leave the fibers in a high PH state after the cleaning process. Due to which, the residue can make the fiber stiff while letting it stay permanently in the fibers.

If you use APC and it dries, you are most likely to re-activate the cleaner the next time you get in the car with wet shoes. So here’s a good rule of thumb; keep APCs out of your interior.


Applying Waxes on Black Trim

It’s not advisable to apply the sealants and waxes to your black trim. In that case, it’s recommended to apply masking tape to the sensitive areas or simply stay 1-inch away while applying the wax application.

Vacuum Host against Fabric

This goes terribly in the gas stations. People at the gas stations pull the vacuum hose to the vehicle to reach the other side. As we all know, the vacuum hose is usually on the ground and rolling around in water collecting dirt. Which is then rubbed against the side of the seat as its being pulled through the car.

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