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Just last week I was invited to a birthday party. The hosts were generous folks and even though some of us did not get the little Jamie his favourite gift, all invitees got something in return. What I, and most of us got was a pretty cool t-shirt with a nice print on it. Apparently, I ended up liking the t-shirt so much that I wear it often to work and on outings.

This gave me an idea, why not do some research on digital printing and get some t-shirts made for myself. I ordered a few custom print t-shirts online and got to know there are a few more items I could get digitally printed on.

Nowadays, people around us use digital printing for all kinds of things like voicing their opinion, brand marketing, matching their mood and what not.While digital print is a cost effective and convenient method of displaying creativity, when it comes to clothing, it has definitely made clothes a lot more fun. So here is my pick on 4 wearable gifts you can print and play with.

Photo by Becca McHaffie on Unsplash

Here are a few quirky gifts that digital printing has given us:


Mood T-shirts


Mood T-shirts are the most usable gift of digital media. Almost everyone has a mood tee matching their mood of the day and has made clothing more than what it was. You can find a design for every mood in almost every clothing store. If you can’t find yours, you can easily make use of various resources and design your t-shirt online or make anything for yourself.




I personally want to thank Digital printing for badges. It is so easy to find the right one because there are so many options. They make for an amazing personalised gifts for nerds like me and my friends and other cooler people as well. There are so many websites offering digitally printed badge pins inspired by your favourite shows and movies and everything else.


Quirky Shoes


Remember the times when shoes used to be too plain and boring? Ol’ days! Thanks to digital printing, we now get hundreds of designs and prints in shoes be it floral, animal print (without any animal cruelty, that is) and many more. It’s easy to quirk up your entire look just with your shoes and that too without having to spend your entire month’s budget on them.


Hip Bags  


Pick out any movie from or before the early 2000s and you’ll see how boring bags used to be, just like shoes. The only options you had in bags were in terms of material. Although, there were a few designer bags, but they were mostly embroidered or studded and demanded you sell your house to buy them. But this is the age of accessible fashion. You get so many prints and designs in all kinds of bags, simply go ahead and take your pick.

A birthday party tshirt has left me feeling so grateful for digital printing that I decided to write a blog about it. But it was long time due. Not only has it made fashion more versatile and fun, the widespread use in mass production has made it very cost efficient and thus made fashion and trend accessible to more people. It has turned everyday clothing into a show of creativity and artwork. The online customisable design labs have made it even easier to show creativity through clothes.


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