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3 Important Factors to Weigh for Businesses with the Help of Marketing Firms

If you are overwhelmed with lots of ads in your browser or a number of spam emails in your inbox, you are not alone. All of us are now used to this but still want to make sure that this doesn’t happen with us all the time. While marketers can argue that this is just another form of marketing that we do, there are many aspects in marketing that they can apply without invading your personal space.

Companies operating in Canadian metros like Toronto and Montreal need some specific reasons before opting for a marketing strategy. There are many aspects that they need to carefully think about. The urge to hire a social media marketing firm can be really tempting so that they can do the trick for them in their required time but if companies can think of the following factors, related to branding, they can be better off in asking a marketing firm exactly what they need in a campaign so that it can be successful according to what their target audience looks for.

Following are 3 of such factors that are really important for any company.

1. Emotional Connection

A company need to think about if their product has an emotional connection with their current customers? But more importantly if their target audience will be tempted to use their product by just through apt marketing or making them connect to their product through storytelling and inventive marketing can bear fruits for them? Of course the latter theory is far complex but you can be sure of the results that will follow after making a strong emotional connection with your audience.

2. Market Share

While this is always debatable as a company will always ask for more share of the market for them from the marketing firm they have hired for this purpose. On the other hand, the marketing firm will never agree upon a certain number as if they’ll fail to reach it, they will face the consequences in the form of penalty and damage to their reputation. As a company, you must settle upon a realistic figure or percentage of market.

For a relatively new firm, even a 1% market share is enough as gradually with time they can increase it. Expecting a 25% market share the first quarter of launching your product is pure fantasy that companies shouldn’t indulge in.

3. Pricing

The pricing factor is one which a company needs to sort out right when they are formulating their business plan. But with changing times and market scenario, it can be revises so as to get the advantage from a situation. For example, if the weather is unseasonably cold in the spring, you might consider increasing your price of your jackets, for example, so that to reap in the benefits in this regard. A premium brand may or may not do this but for a startup/small business it can be important and the advice from your marketing firm will be vital.


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